Juliette Porter Eyes Future Boyfriend Sam Logan As He Makes His Debut On ‘Siesta Key’

The 'Siesta Key' beauty takes a new look at an old friend in the most recent episode of the MTV reality show.

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter
MTV Press

The 'Siesta Key' beauty takes a new look at an old friend in the most recent episode of the MTV reality show.

Juliette Porter’s new romance will play out from the very beginning on Siesta Key. In a scene from the most recent episode of the MTV reality show, Juliette was seen eyeing her future boyfriend, Sam Logan, as he played cornhole with a group of their friends at a party.

After Juliette saw a photo of her ex, Alex Kompothecras, kissing his new girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno, she told pals Chloe Trautman and Kelsey Owens that she was ready for a good guy. That’s when Kelsey suggested Sam, a wealthy member of their friend group that Juliette has known “forever.”

In a voiceover, Juliette described Sam as “super hot” and “really sweet,” but noted that because he is one of her ex-boyfriend Alex’s good friends, he has always been off-limits. The Siesta Key beauty then added that since Alex is now “out of the picture,” he is no longer a factor in any of her decisions.

“He is cute,” Kelsey said of Juliette’s future guy. “He’s got pretty eyes, he’s tall…the more I’ve been around Sam, the more I think he’s a really good guy.”

Kelsey then told Juliette she needs to move on from Alex.

“And there are good guys out there — like Sam,” she added. “He’s cute, he’s sweet.”

Juliette was then shown staring off into the distance at a shirtless, sunglasses-wearing Sam as the seed for her future relationship was seemingly planted.

Social media followers know that Juliette does indeed end up dating Sam. In comments to a sneak peek of the scene posted on the official Siesta Key Instagram page, Kelsey even called out her own matchmaking skills.

“Sooo does this mean I can take full credit???” the Siesta Key star wrote.

“Shoutout to [Kelsey Owens] for telling [Juliette Porter] she should shoot her shot with Sam!” another fan added.

“Yes Juliet life goes on,” a third commenter wrote.

“Yesss finally Alex who??????” another user added.

Juliette and Sam went Instagram official in February when she posted a photo of the two kissing at Disney World. The lovebirds are still dating, as can be seen by recent pics on Juliette’s social media page. Just this past weekend, Juliette shared a bikini photo as she posed with Sam in Key West, so it appears the two are still going strong.

Alex, who welcomed a baby daughter with girlfriend Alyssa last month, has since been fired from Siesta Key for his past, alleged racially insensitive social media activity. With Alex now axed and his scenes cut out of already-filmed footage on Siesta Key, any possible fallout of Juliette dating his former friend won’t be shown on the MTV reality show.