Luz Elena Echeverria Flaunts Her Jaw-Dropping Booty In Latest Fitness Update

Luz Elena Echeverria posts a selfie on Instagram
Luz Elena Echeverria / Instagram

Fitness model Luz Elena Echeverria showcased her eye-catching lower body in three photos for her latest Instagram upload.

The Colombian often posts workout advice on her page, and in this post, she put her figure on display while doling out several diet and fitness tips. Luz Elena was photographed outside rocking the sporty wear in what appeared to be a backyard. She stood on the grass, and there was a garden in the background.

Luz Elena had her long black hair down and swept to the right side of her face for the snaps. She wore purple-themed attire with a multicolored snakeskin-print sports bra, dark purple leggings that hugged onto her legs and booty, and sneakers that were white and light purple.

For the first snap, the social media influencer was shot from the back but turned her head to face the camera. This was a full-body snap, and she kept her hands by her hips. The ultra-tight leggings embellished her calves, killer glutes, and jaw-dropping booty.

In the second pic, Luz Elena was photographed from the side with her body slightly turned toward the lens. She had a large smile across her face as she bent her right leg and rested a hand on her thigh. This angle offered fans a clear view of her sculpted thighs and hinted at her defined derriere.

The model was shot in a close-up for the final slide. She faced the lens while tugging on the sides of her leggings, which helped to further highlight her chiseled lower body. Followers were treated to a shot of her flat midsection and shapely arms.

Luz Elena tagged Brazilian fitness brand Evyfitactivewear in the upload. She added a lengthy caption which, as per Google Translate, gave several tips on how to achieve glute and booty gains. The Colombian said to consume protein shakes and oatmeal after workouts, and she also mentioned eating carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes.

The post was uploaded late Tuesday for her 1.1 million Instagram followers, and more than 4,900 found their way to the “like” button in just over five hours. Luz Elena received over 140 comments in that short time.

“Great tips darling,” Instagram model Jamile Davies commented.

“So fit bella,” fitness model Eri Anton wrote while adding three purple heart emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Luz Elena flaunted her chiseled abs in a post last month. She posed on a staircase in a neon pink outfit that left little to the imagination.