Qimmah Russo Sizzles In Skimpy Bra And Skintight Jeans

Selfie of Qimmah Russo
Qimmah Russo / Instagram

Qimmah Russo posted a series of three images on Instagram late Tuesday night, much to the delight of her 1.5 million followers. The new post amassed over 4,000 likes in the first 25 minutes.

The gorgeous fitness trainer and model rocked a pair of dark-washed jeans that hugged all her curves from every angle.

Her pose in the first photo let fans get a good look at her curvaceous derriere. She turned to look over her right shoulder and gave the camera a playful but sultry gaze. Her lips parted and the corners of her mouth curved into an almost imperceptible smile.

Qimmah stood with her legs slightly apart, accentuating both her incredibly muscular thighs and toned calves. She slid her right hand in her back pocket, highlighting the swell of her voluptuous booty. Black suede, high-heeled boots were visible peeking from the bottom of the image.

She wore a bralette on top that left little to the imagination. Her assets swelled under the top, which was light lavender and edged with lace.

Her straight black hair was parted in the middle and slipped past her chiseled shoulders all the way to her rear.

In the next image Qimmah turned forward to face the camera, displaying the button fly of her jeans. Awesome abs and her pierced bellybutton were visible above the high waistband. Her left arm was bent and her hand encircled her tiny waist, which drew attention to her ripped upper body.

Her expression was less sweet than in the first photo. Her right eyebrow was arched slightly and she stared down the lens of the camera with intensity.

The last picture was a candid shot of the stunning model. She didn’t pose but instead looked down at her phone. Most of her face was out of frame, except for a small grin.

Her stance focused all of the attention upon the fit of her attire. Her insanely sculpted legs filled out her pants perfectly. Qimmah tagged the brand Fashion Nova, specifying the designer of the jeans she sported.

Instagram followers were quick to praise the beauty’s hard-earned physique.

“Thick thighs saves lives,” one praise proclaimed.

“She has muscles to go with beauty and the look of a princess,” gushed a fan.

“I want to look that good in jeans. Wow,” complimented another. They finished the comment with a fire emoji.

As noted by The Inquisitr a few days ago, Qimmah’s killer thighs were also displayed in a pair of barely there black booty shorts.