Sofia Bevarly Captivates In Tiny Blue Bikini Top In New Video

Sofia Bevarly wears a bikini.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Sofia Bevarly shared a new video on her Instagram feed today, and it was of herself rocking her “favorite” kind of ensemble that included a tiny blue bikini top that allowed her to show off her cleavage.

The clip was made in promotion for Bang Energy, and she was filmed striking flirty poses in the eye-catching outfit. Her tiny bikini top had a classic triangle-cut style with a geometric design. She paired it with high-waisted light denim that was heavily frayed throughout, and opted for no-see socks. The pants had large holes on both of her thighs with smaller holes on her hips and lower legs.

At the beginning of the video, Sofia stood on a wooden ladder and played with her hair that she wore down behind her shoulders. She moved about and popped her knee before grabbing a can of the Candy Apple Crisp flavored drink and chugging it. Her white manicure popped against her tan, and she accessorized with a smart watch on her right wrist.

Later on in the clip, the model stood in a different spot with the natural light streaming onto her toned physique and emphasizing her muscular abs. She tugged at her pants, played with her hair, and stuck her tongue out playfully. The room that she was in had wooden floors and walls, and the ceiling was decorated with white Christmas lights.

In addition, Sofia posed in front of a blank wall at the end of the video, and a black leather couch was seen as well.

The post has been available on the model’s page for eight hours, and it’s been viewed more than 53,600 times. Her followers seemed to enjoy the update and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“How does it feel being amazing all the time,” asked an admirer.

“OMG! What a Captivating and majestic capture,” declared a second devotee.

Others responded to her caption.

“I agree. Love seeing pure beauty,” gushed a third supporter.

“Agreed, it’s my favorite outfit too!!” exclaimed another fan.

Sofia also showed off her cleavage in another revealing outfit and posted photos to her page five days ago. She rocked a tight, shimmery white minidress with thick straps, a scoop neckline, and a high hem. She sat in a maroon chair and smiled with her lips closed. Her hair was worn down in a side part, and her makeup application apparently included mascara, black liner on her lower lids, shimmery light purple eyeshadow, and light pink lipstick.