Britney Spears Worries Fans With Dance Video That Shows Her Rocking Silky Shorts And Leaping Into The Air

Kevin WinterGetty Images for iHeartMedia

On Tuesday, Britney Spears shared a dance video on Instagram that divided her followers. Some of the “Toxic” hitmaker’s admirers found it entertaining, while others saw it as a cause for concern.

In the video, the 38-year-old pop star flaunted her amazingly athletic physique in a black Calvin Klein sports bra and a pair of silky teal shorts that featured a colorful print. Britney wore her tiny bottoms with the waist rolled down to make them even shorter. She also pulled them down low on her hips to better showcase her taut tummy.

Britney danced to the music of Otis Redding. In the caption of her post, she credited the legendary soul singer for being one of her biggest inspirations for pursuing a musical career. The first song she got her groove on to was “Try a Little Tenderness.” Britney began her emotional performance to the slow jam by dramatically rolling her body. She moved toward and away from the camera as she danced on her toes, and she whipped her blond ponytail around numerous times. Britney also ran her hands down her body, leaped up into the air, and twirled around.

The energy level of Britney’s performance increased substantially when she switched songs. As Otis’ uptempo version of the Rolling Stones classic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” played, Britney mouthed along with the lyrics and tossed her head around. She looked like she was having a blast as she jumped up in the air and spun around.

It was Britney’s leaping that had some of her Instagram followers worried about her safety.

“Girl this how you broke your foot last time,” read one response to her post.

Back in February, Britney shared a video with her fans that showed the exact moment that she broke the metatarsal bone in her left foot. She had suffered an awkward landing after hopping up in the air while she was dancing.

While a few of Britney’s Instagram followers brought up her foot injury, a larger number of fans seemed more concerned about her mental well-being.

“God can someone check on her,” read one remark that received over 1,000 likes.

“Feels like she’s about to shave her head again,” another commenter wrote.

There were also plenty of Britney devotees who disagreed with those who suggested that her dance video was indicative of some sort of issue. They showed their love for the singer by praising her joyous performance and expressing delight over how gleeful and carefree she appeared to be.

“Love to see you so happy. You look amazing,” read one admirer’s supportive message.

“Keep smiling. You deserve the Universe, queen.”