Katya Henry Showcases Tanned Bod In Yellow Bikini & Holds A Pineapple

Katya Henry takes a selfie.
Katya Henry / Instagram

Katya Henry took to her Instagram page today to share a sizzling new snap that looked to be taken during a professional photoshoot, and her incredible tan was on show along with her physique.

She posed outside on the beach and stood with her back facing the camera. She turned to look over her right shoulder, had a flirty smile on her face with her lips closed, and also held a pineapple in her right hand.

Her light yellow bikini top featured x-shaped straps on the back, and her tiny thong had straps that rested high on her hips. The light color of her swimsuit popped against her deep tan, and her skin glowed in the lighting. In particular, her famous derrière was hard to miss along with her toned arms and legs.

Katya wore her hair down in a heavy side part and placed her left hand in her locks. It looked like her hair was blowing in the wind, and she completed her look with her chic makeup application. It apparently included dark purple eye shadow with light highlights under her brows, long lashes, blush, and deep pink lipstick. She accessorized with gold earrings, a beaded bracelet, and multiple rings. Moreover, her bright red manicure popped in the shot.

The background was out of focus, which further emphasized the model in the photo, and behind her were a couple of palm trees and greenery.

The image was taken on a cloudy day or as the sun was low on the horizon.

The photographer, Ronald Wayne, was tagged in the post, along with the swimwear brand Kiss My Peach.

In the caption, she teased “something exciting” from the brand that’ll be announced tomorrow.

The update has received over 239,000 likes, and her supporters headed to the comments section to post their reactions.

“You look amazing Katya,” gushed an admirer.

“You set the bar wayyyy to [sic] high,” raved another social media user.

“Ugh woman crush every day of my lifeeee,” declared a third follower.

“The only thing good about 2020,” joked a fourth fan.

Yesterday, Katya posted a video selfie that she filmed inside a bathroom. She put her booty on show again by wearing a pair of tight, light cream spandex shorts that conformed to her every curve. She also wore a long-sleeved, black crop top and a matching mask with fangs on it. She wore her hair in a high, messy bun and glanced at her phone screen.