JoJo Siwa Ditches The Brunette & Returns To Her Signature Blond Hair, Teases It's 'My Thing'

Teen sensation JoJo Siwa caused a stir among her millions of followers a few days ago when she revealed a jaw-dropping new look. People were stunned to see the former Dance Moms star sporting long brunette locks, but her Monday Instagram post revealed that she's back to blond again.

Fans of JoJo's know that she has a trademark style and it is heavily tied to her blond side ponytail and oversized hair bows. When the teen went brunette last week and even showed her locks styled in free, loose waves, her admirers were not necessarily sure what to think.

Apparently, JoJo decided against leaving everybody hanging for long when it came to accepting this major change. She did not share much in the way of an explanation, but her Monday upload showed that she's already returned to the look that made her a star.

The photo that JoJo shared on Instagram showed her with blond hair pulled into a side ponytail again. She had a bright bow in her hair, and it seemed to have a sparkly silver unicorn fastened to the colorful fabric. The 17-year-old dancer and singer smiled broadly as she made a peace sign with the fingers on one hand.

JoJo's caption confirmed that she had already ditched the brunette look and once again embraced being a blonde. She noted that the blond look really is her thing, and it looked like her fans were a bit torn between the two looks.

In the first 18 hours or so after JoJo had shared this post, the photo had already received more than 280,000 likes and 3,600 comments.

"Omg...I loved the brown hair... you look gorgeous either way...but I was kinda obsessed with the brown lol," one fan wrote.

"Aww but the brown was cute but blonde really does suit you," a follower remarked.

It looked like the reaction was fairly mixed when it came to the brunette versus blond discussion. Many were glad to see JoJo's typical blond hue back, while quite a few others thought the change looked fabulous on her. Quite a few of the Dance Moms star's followers made it clear they adore her no matter what color she chooses.

"Beautiful girl!! That smile is contagious," someone detailed.

"Well that was fun.. You are stunning either way!" a different fan declared.

JoJo is certainly known for going big and bold with her style, so many will be curious to see if she has any other shockers in store for her fans anytime soon.