Cosplay Model Liz Katz Sizzles In Fur Ears And Mesh Bodysuit That Leaves Little To The Imagination

Liz Katz takes a mirror selfie in a nude bra and blue-and-yellow hat.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Liz Katz gave her 1.2 million Instagram fans quite a treat on Tuesday, June 30, when she took to the popular photo-sharing app to post a smoldering snapshot of herself in a tantalizing bodysuit and animal ears.

For the photo, the cosplay model appeared to be posing in an airplane. She sat on the edge of a cream-colored leather seat while holding a wine glass with a clear drink in it. The shot was likely a throwback since Katz is several months pregnant and her stomach looked flat in the photo.

Katz wore a black one-piece that combined solid and mesh parts. The side panels were entirely made of mesh while the front included thick straps of solid fabric that started at the crotch and extended all the way up to merge into shoulder straps. The solid parts were thick enough to cover her chest and censor the photo. Mesh details jutted out over her breasts, attaching in the middle via a metal ring that drew attention to her ample cleavage. The suit included another strap placed just above her chest, which connected the shoulder pieces.

Completing her look, Katz had on a pair of pointy fur ears in white with a black inner layer.

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Notice me senpai ???? @eccentricerick

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Katz had her blond hair parted on the right as she swept the front across her forehead, partially covering her eye. It was styled down in waves that fell over her left shoulder. She also appeared to be wearing black mascara, liner, and blush for the photo.

She paired the photo with a caption that read “notice me senpai,” which is a phrase inspired by anime and manga used when social media users want to be acknowledged by someone they admire, according to It is often used when a fan tags a celebrity they love, the website continued.

The photo garnered more than 18,400 likes and upwards of 165 comments within the first hour. Instagram users flocked to the comments section to engage with Katz’s caption and to praise her good looks and outfit.

“You are definitely noticed!!” one user raved.

“You sexy kitty you,” replied another fan.

“[O]f course I notice you sweetie,” a third one wrote.

“I notice you senpai!” added a fourth fan.

Katz is well-known among her fans for her sultry shots that often push the limits of Instagram’s community guidelines. Lately, she has also been using the platform to share plenty of pics of her baby bump. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently posted a video in which she could be seen doing splits and dancing around while pregnant. In the caption, she reminded fans that they should “never make apologies” for who they are.