Hotel Service Includes Goldfish To Keep You Company

Travel can be a lonely thing, especially if you’re going solo for business reasons. One British hotel has introduced a potential solution to the problem, so if you ever need to hang your hat near Warrington and feel a little lonely, check into the Happy Guests Lodge and get yourself a goldfish.

Happy Guest offers a non-complimentary goldfish (you have to shell out £5) for lonely guests who need some company during their stay. “Happy,” the aforementioned goldfish, can be rented for the night, or even pre-booked online at the hotel’s website.

“A lot of guests spend many days away from home,” argued owner Jeff Riley “It can be lonely for those travelling alone but now, when our guests return to their hotel rooms after a difficult day at the office, Happy could be there to give them unconditional love and a valuable sounding board.”

Riley understands that a goldfish is hardly a therapist (or even a good bartender) but thinks that guests will appreciate Happy’s presence regardless.

“Obviously it can’t talk back but it can wiggle its fins and swim around the tank – it will give guests someone to talk to and unload the troubles of the day.”

Riley said that he named the goldfish “Happy” to reflect the hotel but also the little guy’s nature. If Happy is a hit, Riley will introduce two or three more goldfish.

“Once guests have hired a fish I’m sure when they return they will want to ask for the same fish again,” he explained. “They will have sort of adopted it in their minds and may have even missed it between their stays.”

Happy Guests Lodge doesn’t exactly have the market cornered on renting out goldfish to keep their patrons company. A chain of Amsterdam hotels offers the same deal but for about two pounds cheaper.

Would you pay for a goldfish to keep you company?

[Image via: Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff, Wikimedia Commons]