Blake Shelton Remotely Addresses Crowd At Ole Red Venue & Thanks Them For Supporting His Business

Blake said he's ready for the coronavirus pandemic to be over.

Blake Shelton speaks in the press room of the 53rd annual CMA Awards
Leah Puttkammer / Getty Images

Blake said he's ready for the coronavirus pandemic to be over.

Blake Shelton had a special message for customers at his Ole Red venue in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On Tuesday, the Ole Red Twitter account shared a video of the country music star remotely thanking his fans for their patronage.

Blake’s visage appeared on a large screen that was hanging over a small stage. This delighted the large group of people who were dining on some of Ole Red’s culinary offerings. In addition to being a music venue and a bar, the Gatlinburg hot spot is a restaurant.

Many of the diners held up their phones and began recording as Blake addressed them. The “God’s Country” singer was clad in a colorful Hawaiian shirt with depictions of palm trees on it. A real-life version of one of the plants later made an appearance when he swung the camera around to show the crowd that Gwen was with him in Oklahoma. She was sitting at a picnic table on his porch and chatting with a few pals. It looked like Blake’s video was filmed at his property on the shore of Lake Texoma.

Blake informed the crowd that he was supposed to be attending the grand opening of another Ole Red location in Orlando, but the event “got held back a little bit.” He also shared some brief thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I keep hearing that the place is doing great there, and I wish I could be there,” Blake said. “I can’t wait for all this pandemic, quarantine, whatever’s-going-on stuff to be over with so that we can get back to actually performing and playing music again.”

While the pandemic has prevented Blake from greeting in his fans in person, he noted that it couldn’t stop him from calling in to thank them for supporting his business. He also said that he and Gwen are “stuck in Oklahoma,” where they’ve been self-isolating for months. However, he and Gwen did take a little quarantine break by visiting the Lake of the Ozarks earlier this month.

During his live video appearance, Blake was asked about all the gardening that he’s been doing during his forced time off from work. He cracked a joke about growing a plant that’s illegal in many states, and he also quipped that he stuck a few bottles of Smithworks vodka in the ground to make it look like he was “a good farmer.”

In the video, Blake also thanked the Ole Red employees for keeping his business safe. According to the venue’s website, workers are required to wear masks and undergo temperature checks. The restaurant has also taken a number of other safety precautions, including placing tables six feet apart and limiting the number of guests that can sit at each table.