Kate Beckinsale Rocks A Miniskirt, Thigh-High Stockings, And A Fake Mustache To Channel Freddie Mercury

Kate Beckinsale and a group of friends ended Pride Month with a bang by recreating the 1984 Queen music video for "I Want to Break Free." On Monday, Kate took to Instagram to share a few outtakes from their socially distant video. The clips included shots of the actress channeling Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in drag as a housewife who has had enough.

The first clip showed Kate pretending to vacuum the floor while in character. She rocked a shiny black miniskirt with a high hemline. However, she only exposed a hint of skin, thanks to the black thigh-high stockings that she also wore. Kate completed her outfit with a sleeveless pink turtleneck blouse and a black bra. She even wore one of the straps slightly pulled down, just like Freddie did in the "I Want to Break Free" music video.

The Serendipity star further nailed her Freddie portrayal by rocking a pair of large pink statement earrings, a black bouffant bob wig, and a large fake mustache. She recreated a scene from the music video by pushing a vacuum around and mouthing along with Freddie's iconic voice as the song blared in the background.

After lip-syncing a few words, Kate dramatically tossed the vacuum to the floor and threw her arms up in the air. She then placed her hands on her hips and playfully wiggled them to the beat of the song. Her performance also included a sassy hair flip.

The other members of Queen were played by Jonathan Voluck (bassist John Deacon), Brendan Scannell (drummer Roger Taylor), and Markus Molinari (guitarist Brian May).

Kate's outtake footage included a shot of Jonathan dressed like a little old lady trying to read the paper. A cute pooch was crowding his armchair, and when Jonathan turned around to look at the little dog, it adorably placed a paw on his shoulder. As for Brendan, he rocked a schoolgirl outfit and bopped his head along to the song as he looked at a book. He licked one finger and used it to loudly flip the page.

Kate was also shown pushing a door open with one finger, while Markus rolled out of bed with a full head of curlers. After he failed to stifle a laugh, he pulled the covers back over his head.

Kate shared the full result of her collaboration with her friends in a separate Instagram post, and she wished her followers a Happy Pride. You can see that post here.

"No Hoover's were hurt or damaged during the making of the video," quipped one fan in the comments section of Kate's outtakes video.

"That's unfortunately not true," read Kate's response.

This isn't the first time Kate has dressed up like an iconic celebrity. For Halloween, she rocked a latex costume inspired by the Audrey Hepburn character Holly Golightly, while Jonathan dressed up like Elton John.