Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Shows Off Her Curvy Booty In Tights While Trying Aerial Silks

Katelyn Ohashi attends the Laureus Fashion Show Gala
Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi uploaded footage of herself trying her hand at aerial silks for her latest Instagram post. She wore a pair of tight leggings that accentuated her curvy backside while she tried several aerial maneuvers.

The UCLA product has uploaded several videos of herself performing impressive athletic feats, and in this clip, she sported a loose-fitting gray workout top along with tight black leggings that hugged her lower body. She appeared to be in a workout studio for the clip.

Ohashi wore her long brunette hair down and wavy for the routine. The video started with her lower legs wrapped in the purple silks that hung from the ceiling. She had her legs apart with her back to the camera as she held onto the left silk with her hands. Ohashi slowly lowered her body down and performed a split while she turned her head to look at the lens. This angle treated fans to a view of her chiseled thighs and defined booty, which were both outlined in the tights.

A woman off-camera shouted instructions to the gymnast. Ohashi grabbed onto a piece of silk and twisted her body around to do a split facing another direction. She reversed course and twisted in the opposite direction to untangle the silks.

For the second portion of the vid, the 23-year-old had her back to the camera as she lifted herself up on the silks till she hung upside down. The accomplished gymnast began tying them around her legs and waist as she gradually spun around. At this point, she unraveled and slowly toppled to the floor. Ohashi landed softly on her head and let out a giant laugh at her failed attempt. She included a caption that mentioned how much more difficult silks were than she expected, adding a facepalm emoji.

Many of Ohashi’s 1 million Instagram followers took notice of the aerial display, and more than 34,000 of them found their way to the “like” button. She had over 350 comments as her replies were flooded with heart and laughing emoji. Former NFL player Vernon Davis left a gold medal emoji in the comment section.

“Right?! They are SO HARD,” UCLA gymnastics coach Dom Palange wrote.

“I love that you try everything!!” a follower commented.

“Beautiful and gorgeous,” another added.

“Are we going to see her in Cirque du Soleil?” one fan joked.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Ohashi showcased her fit figure in gray tights and a red sports bra for an at-home workout back in May.