Kim Kardashian Debuts Fiery Red Hair On Twitter, Asks Fans If They ‘Love It’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Kim Kardashian debuted a new, red hair color in her latest Twitter post. The reality star announced the change on Monday and posted a short video of her newly-dyed tresses.

“You guys I died my hair red. Do you love it?” Kardashian asked in the short video.

Kardashian also posted a number of other images of her hair on her various social media account. In the video, the reality star’s hair was pulled back into a bun, with two pieces parted in the center and pulled to the front. Her locks took center stage in the post, and she tilted her head so that fans could see what the new hair looked like from a variety of angles.

Kardashian also appeared to have makeup on during the brief video, including eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow, as well as foundation and blush. Her lips were also a dark pink color as she posed for the video, which was shot largely from the neck up.

The reality star has been known to rock wigs in the past, but Chris Applebaum, who is Kardashian’s hairstylist, told People that the red hair was the real deal.

After she reached out to her more than 65 million followers on Twitter and asked for their opinions, Kardashian’s fans were eager to weigh in with their thoughts on her new color. In the hour since the video was posted, it’s already received almost 1,000 replies, 2,000 retweets, and more than 24,000 likes. Most of the comments praised Kim for her new hair color.

“Omg I love your hair,” one user wrote.

“Live and breathe for this color on you,” another commenter added.

“I just dyed my hair this color 2 days ago! u look stunning and were matching now,” a third user wrote.

Others were a little confused at first but eventually realized that the new color was real.

“Oh wait this isn’t a filter OMG,” another user commented.

Prior to debuting her new hair color, Kardashian was using her social channels to wish her sister Khloe a happy birthday. In a tweet shared on June 27, Kardashian wrote a sweet message to her sister thanking her for her years of love.

“Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul! Thank u for always being so positive & thoughtful & caring towards everyone always! You are so loyal & just care so much about everyone around u,” Kardashian wrote.

The post, which can be viewed here, was posted alongside an image of Khloe sitting in a makeup chair with her arms over her head.