Olivia Culpo Twerks In Adorably Goofy Instagram Video

Gorgeous celebrity Olivia Culpo made fans giggle when she posted a video of herself dancing on Monday.

The former Miss Universe laughingly sashayed as "Decote" by Brazilian artist Preta Gil played in the background. She had a wide, beautiful grin on her face.

What appears to be a female friend of Olivia's was partially visible in the frame. Both ladies began the short clip with arms raised as they performed the tight rapid steps of a Samba.

Almost immediately, Olivia broke form and moved into a series of silly parodies of various dance moves. Her steps became jauntier and further apart and she began flinging her arms over her head from side to side. She shimmied her hips and and giggled directly towards the camera for a moment.

As the video was drawing to a close, Olivia turned her perky buns towards the girl next to her and gave a cute little twerk in her direction. She looked over her left shoulder and raised her eyebrows with a playful suggestiveness. Fans could hear her friends laughing in the background.

Olivia displayed a sexy and fun demeanor the entire time.

She wore a loose-fitting black blouse with spaghetti straps and plunging neckline. The summery fabric fluttered against her golden skin as she undulated. Both sides were cut all the way down to her waist, giving viewers a quick glimpse of her bra-less sideboob.

She tucked the tank top into tiny high-waisted denim shorts. Olivia's tanned thighs and a hint of her derrière peeked out of the bottom of the frayed hem. Her muscular legs looked a mile long in a pair of black patent stilettos.

She may not have professional dance moves, but she still impressed her 4.6 million Instagram followers with her style and attitude. The post had nearly 300,000 views and hundreds of supportive and adoring comments within the first hour.

"Why do I adore you as a person? You are just being yourself love it!" praised a fan.

"Literally my fave video of you ever," remarked another, followed by a series of laughing emoji.

"I have literally never related to something more," a third person wrote, referring to the accompanying caption.

"Haha you got no rhythm! Pretty tho [sic]," someone else joked.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Olivia has been promoting her charitable fashion endeavor, More Than A Mask, as well as showing fans fashionable ways in which to incorporate the requisite accessories into their attire.