LeAnn Rimes Marriage ‘Reality Show’ Pitched, Brandi Glanville Probably Steaming

We are kind of confused here, because we thought LeAnn Rimes’ marriage was already a reality show we’ve all been not consentingly watching for years — but she and purloined hubby Eddie Cibrian are reportedly shopping around an even deeper look into their marital lives, sort of.

LeAnn Rimes (as you probably know by now) totally poached her man, Eddie Cibrian, from now Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star what’s her face. Oh, Brandi Glanville.

Luckily for Leann, Eddie, the kids involved and anyone who has to see Glanville’s tweets, the celeb wife cum reality maven totally got over it and wishes the pair well. Just kidding! Brandi delights in cutting down the woman who yoinked her dude on the set of a Lifetime movie called Northern Lights (seriously, we can’t make this up), and seizes every chance to passive aggressively schadenfreude all over the place when it comes to Rimes’ many missteps.

So what will change? It will actually have a set slot on TV, if someone takes Rimes and Cibrian up on their offer. The pitch is not for an actual reality show per se — rather, the project is framed as a sort of Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque dealie in which LeAnn and Eddie will play “versions” of themselves.

For straight up fameballing celebrities who are besieged by awkward mini-scandals, we really can’t see that working in the same hilariously self-deprecating way Larry David’s original concept does. In essence, Curb works as “playing oneself” because David and his fellow cast-members are so willing to mock themselves with cutting storylines in a way a pop star and a dude who does whatever Cibrian does or did before he married Rimes would never manage.

brandi glanville second bok

Us Weekly cites a source who says that if you’re thinking Glanville has a coming objection based on the Cibrian kids, they won’t be part of the pitched project:

“Mason and Jake are not involved … If kids end up being on it, they would be played by actors — not Eddie’s children.”

Another source spills:

“They’ve met with a few networks .. Nothing is finalized yet, but they’re seeing where the show could go.”

Would you tune in to watch a dramatized, comedic version of LeAnn Rimes’ marriage?