Aisha Thalia Posts Nearly Nude Photo On Instagram

Selfie of Aisha Thalia.
Aisha Thalia / Instagram

Model, actress, and activist Aisha Thalia kicked off the week with a stunning photo on Instagram, to the delight of her 553,000 followers.

The post showed Aisha on a balcony, donned only in an enormous hat. She perched on the edge of what appeared to be a huge decorative fountain, constructed out of a smooth ebony stone that reflected diffused morning sunshine.

She faced the camera, completely nude, with her right leg crossed demurely over her left knee. Both toes were pointed. The pose covered her lower bits and emphasized her voluptuous hips. Aisha bent her left elbow and used her hand to cover the top of her bust, leaving little to the imagination. Her ample cleavage and curvaceous underboob swelled beneath her fingers. She rested her right hand on her tanned thigh.

The only item she wore was a sand-colored beach hat. It had a wide brim that draped across one shoulder and completely shielded her face from view. A peek of curly tendrils brushed against one visible shoulder.

Aisha accessorized with delicate gold jewelry. A tiny shimmering chain draped from between her breasts and trailed down her torso. It appeared to connect to another piece that wrapped just below her tiny waist. Matching bracelets on her left wrist and ankle completed the tasteful ensemble.

She had pink polish on her nails. The bright color popped against her smooth caramel skin.

The corner railing of an upper-story balcony could be seen behind her. The background was filled with a crest of lush green trees, canopied by pale blue sky.

Aisha tagged her location at a resort in tropical Tulum, Mexico.

Monday’s post garnered over 20,000 likes and a bevy of admiring comments from fans.

“I literally just said ‘Ohhhh my’ out loud,” one person wrote, followed by giggling, heart, and flame emoji.

“How did [the photographer] take this pic and compose himself[?]” inquired another.

“lol all my friends are used to seeing me naked,” Aisha replied.

“Sis!!! you make me want to move into a tree house in the forest!” a third follower exclaimed.

Aisha responded that the trip she was on made her want to move into a tree house, too.

Last Monday, Aisha was featured in The Inquisitr looking fresh-faced and naturally beautiful.

“Here’s how I look in real life without my…work makeup on. Quarantine has helped me embrace a more natural vibe in real life. I just don’t take a lot of selfies so you’d never know it,” she told fans in the accompanying caption.

Her location at that time was not geo-tagged, but her chill vibe, fuchsia hat, and beachy background indicate that she’s been vacationing in Mexico all week.