Hannah Brown’s Ready To Leave Alabama After Months-Long Coronavirus Quarantine

Eric McCandlessABC

Former The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is preparing to leave Alabama after spending the past few months there with her family. While plenty of fans would love to see her head back to Florida to reunite with Tyler Cameron, her Instagram stories suggest that she’s headed back to Los Angeles, at least for now.

On Sunday, Hannah shared some fun videos via her Instagram stories. She lamented having eaten a delectable cupcake or two from one of her favorite places and she explained why they had been particularly irresistible.

Hannah said that her mom had driven to Birmingham to get these particular cupcakes. The Bachelorette star’s mom wanted her to have this special treat before Hannah departed Alabama, and it looked like this plan prompted some mixed reactions from the reality television star.

Fans of Hannah’s know that she’s been working out consistently and she mentioned that she’s been making a significant effort to eat healthier recently. However, she slid a bit in recent days and it sounded as if she’d been embracing this last opportunity to eat some of her favorite foods before leaving her family’s home.

Hannah Brown attends Holiday Eats With Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten at Beverly Center
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Hannah did not specifically say that she was headed back to Los Angeles, but that seemed likely to be her destination. She moved from Alabama to Los Angeles last fall after doing The Bachelorette and as she embraced Dancing with the Stars, and she had been living there until this spring.

In March, Hannah visited Tyler in Florida. First, she went there to attend his mother’s memorial service. Soon after that, she returned to Florida and stayed there for a couple of weeks as the coronavirus quarantines began. She drove to Alabama to join her family shortly before Easter and has been there with them ever since.

In her Instagram stories, Hannah mentioned that she’d soon have the chance to work out with her trainer Leyon again in person. She noted that perhaps they would tackle some stairs in Santa Monica, signaling that she is headed back to her Los Angeles apartment, at least for now.

Will Hannah stay out in California or is this a temporary return? Some fans had wondered if she might change course after spending these past few months back in Alabama with her family. She seemed to enjoy this opportunity to reconnect with her brother and parents and seemed happy and fairly stress-free there.

Hannah did not say exactly when she would be headed back to California, although it sounded like it would probably be early this week. The Bachelorette fans will be quite anxious to see when she returns and what she has planned for the weeks and months ahead.