July 1, 2020
Bella Hadid Wears Clinging Dress In New Instagram Share: 'Flower Child'

Bella Hadid wore a clinging dress in a new Instagram share where she called herself a "flower child." On Sunday, the model and sister of Gigi and Anwar Hadid posted a slideshow of four snaps on the social media site to the delight of her 31.3 million followers. While she did not state where the images were taken, Bella's followers were smitten by the model and took to the comments section of the share to express their delight.

The photo has been liked over 1.4 million times and counting.

"You are a dream, an actual doll," noted one follower of the Instagram influencer and model.

"My baby you are amazing," said a second fan.

"But look at uuuuu," remarked a third Instagram user of the stunning image.

"The lighting in this pic is everything," noted a fourth fan.

In the first pic, Bella looked directly at the camera, but her phone covered the bottom half of her face. Her piercing blue eyes were stunning in the image, highlighted by eye makeup that extended out past the ends of her eyes to enhance them further. She appeared to have on blush that accented her already impossibly high cheekbones. A brown lipstick was seen atop her mouth. Bella's hair appeared to be a lighter shade, more of a honey blond than her normally dark tresses. It was cut in a shoulder-length style with heavy bangs that lay just below her eyebrows.

It is perhaps Bella's dress that was more eye-catching than her facial expressions. The silky white garment had one dynamic and eye-catching style statement, a multicolored flower that lay just to the left of her stomach. The same flower was also seen on her right shoulder and on other strategic places on her body. The thin material of the garment clung to her every curve, almost see-through in its appearance.

Bella Hadid poses backstage before the Vivienne Westwood Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on February 29, 2020 in Paris, France.
Getty Images | Francois Durand

In the second snap, a full-body shot of the model can be seen. She was seated on the floor with a bouquet of flowers placed in front of her where her dress rode up to cover her modesty. Bella continued to keep a serious expression in the selfies.

In the third photo, Bella leaned to the side as she took yet another image of herself, giving her followers a better look at her fine form. In the final photo, Bella pointed the camera downward to get the best angle possible as she smiled as a period to the sequence of pics.