Lauren Simpson Flaunts Sculpted Physique For New Upper Body Workout Video

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson added a new workout video to her large Instagram collection on Monday, June 29, in which she demonstrated a series of exercises that targeted the upper body.

For the workout, Lauren chose an all-black outfit from her personal activewear brand Ryderwear. The set consisted of a sports bra and tiny booty shorts. The top included thick shoulder straps and two thinner criss-crossing straps that went over the top of the chest, giving viewers a peek of her cleavage. Throughout the workout, the model’s followers got an eyeful of her sculpted arms, shoulders, and upper back, while a gap between the top and bottoms left a swatch of toned tummy on display. She sported a pair of high-waisted booty shorts that left the length of her long, toned legs exposed and contoured to her hips and shapely backside.

The Australian fitness trainer completed the outfit with a pair of white and black Nike sneakers, while accessorizing with a thin black exercise watch. She wore her long, platinum blond tresses pulled away from her face in a low ponytail and secured any loose strands with a bobby pin. Lauren also appeared to have made up her face with thick, black lashes, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

The upper body workout consisted of seven exercises that were separated into their own video clips in the post. Lauren completed the workout in an indoor living space and used a black exercise mat, a resistance band, and a set of dumbbells for equipment.

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Upper Body at home! ???????????? HIIT LIKE & SAVE! – QUESTION: WHO IS STILL TRAINING FROM HOME? – Here is an upper body workout you can do with dumbbells & booty band only! It targets primarily your back and shoulders, with a little bit of chest with the push ups & glute bridge press! ???????? – WORKOUT: – A1) Single arm band lat pull down 3x 12-15 A2) Bent over row 3x 12-15 – B1) Bridge chest press 3x 12-15 B2) Push up to shoulder taps 3x 12-15 C1) Arnold press single arm 3x 12-15 C2) Front raise to lateral raise combo 3x 12-15 C3) Rear delt flyes 3x 12-15 – Lighter weight – higher rep workout! – – Outfit: LSXRW black set! I wear S sports bra & XS shorts. Restock happening on bottoms soon but do not miss the tops! Oversized jumpers, cropped jumpers & sports bras won’t be back. – Shop now! Link in my bio @laurensimpson ♥️

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Lauren began the workout with a set of single arm band lateral pull downs, which utilized the resistance band. She followed up with bent over rows, using one dumbbell as she bent over and pulled one arm towards her chest. In the third video, she performed bridge chest presses from the floor. The fourth exercise consisted of push-up to shoulder taps, which drew the eye to the model’s sculpted backside and upper back muscles.

In the fifth video, Lauren demonstrated Arnold presses one arm at a time, while in the sixth, she showed her trainees how to do front raises to lateral raise combos. The final exercise in the circuit featured rear delt flyes.

In the caption of the post, the trainer told her followers that the upper body workout targeted mostly the back and shoulders, in addition to the chest. The workout earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments from adoring fans within the first half hour.