‘The Bachelorette’ Star Ali Fedotowsky Twins With Daughter Molly In Matching Striped Swimsuits

Ali Fedotowsky at the 2018 Hallmark Channel TCA.
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Ali Fedotowsky is hitting the beach with her family to beat the summer heat. The Bachelorette star recently shared two photos on Instagram of her and her daughter, Molly, looking like twins in matching pink striped swimsuits for their day at the beach in San Diego.

The mother and daughter looked fabulous wearing one-piece swimsuits that both featured pink and white vertical stripes. The basic swimwear had thin straps over the shoulders. The only difference between the two garments was that Ali’s neckline was a bit lower than her daughter’s. Ali’s suit dipped down to the middle of her back, revealing her slender physique. The style seemed to suit her well, and she mentioned how much she loved wearing it.

In the first snap, Ali and Molly were facing each other as the former reality star was holding her child’s hands. In her caption, Ali mentioned that she was teaching her daughter to “defeat Johnny Lawrence.” One of Molly’s legs was held in the air with her foot flexed. It appeared that she was ready to do some karate moves.

Ali appeared to be amused by Molly as she had a big smile on her face. She had her long blond tresses falling down around her shoulders. Molly’s hair was pulled back into an adorable style.

The second picture showed the duo in a hug, with the mom of two standing behind her daughter, one arm wrapped around her. They posed with sweet smiles as the pic was snapped.

The backdrop in both photos revealed a boat floating on the calm water and fluffy clouds seemingly rolling across the sky. In her Instagram stories, Ali filmed her two kids having fun in the sand. Molly also had a sweet video moment as she was seen running toward the camera with a pail in her hand as the tune “Almost Paradise” played in the background. Ali’s son, Riley, seemed to love just sitting there munching on a snack.

Ali was seen wearing a big floppy hat, most likely to make sure she’s protected from the sun. She mentioned that both swimsuits were made with almost 90 percent recyclable material.

In a recent Instagram post, Ali Fedotowsky shared another photo of herself in similar swimwear, only that one was a two-piece. She mentioned how proud she was of herself and how much she has learned to embrace her “flaws.” She stunned in the pink-and-white swimsuit that showed off her fit body.