AEW News: Cody Rhodes Provides Update On Sammy Guevara's Future Following Sasha Banks Controversy

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter on Sunday and confirmed that Sammy Guevara will return to All Elite Wrestling following his suspension. According to Rhodes, Guevara will return as "a better professional wrestler" and "better man" when he does.

Rhodes was responding to a fan who wanted AEW to "reinsert Sammy." The fan's tweet shared an article by 411 Mania, which reveals how Guevara saved her daughter's life. According to the report, a woman noted how the AEW star helped her daughter cope with personal issues by sending her a video encouraging her to push on and fight. The woman credited the video as the moment in which her daughter turned her life around and stopped being a risk to herself.

Guevara was suspended indefinitely without pay last week after a video of him making a disrespectful joke about Sasha Banks from 2016 resurfaced online. In the joke, he discussed wanting to "rape" the WWE superstar and he has since been ordered to take sensitivity training by the company.

Guevara has apologized for the comments twice, claiming that he was trying his hand at shock humor. It remains to be seen when Guevara will return to television, but Rhodes' comments, coupled with the woman's story, suggests that he's regained some of the goodwill he'd gained from his colleagues and fans.

The Twitter comments section also showed fans' support of Sammy being reinstated. One user said that "punishing Sammy without firing him from the company was the best solution from both a company and a PR standpoint." Another noted how his joke was inappropriate, but he's glad that "a young guy's career isn't being thrown away."

Some users also called out AEW for working with Mike Tyson in recent weeks following his rape conviction in 1992. They believe that if the company is willing to give Tyson a pass, they should give Guevara a second chance since his comment was only a poor taste joke.

Other commenters were thankful to the company's officials for giving Guevara a second chance, as he's a popular performer who people enjoy watching.

Guevara is regarded as one of AEW's brightest future stars. He was handpicked by Chris Jericho to join the Inner Circle faction, and the legendary performer appears to have taken Guevara under his wing. Guevara has also been involved in a rivalry with Matt Hardy in recent weeks, though that feud will now be postponed while the young hotshot serves his suspension and undergoes sensitivity training.