June 29, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For The Of June 29: All Of Sonny's Children Will Be On The Forefront

ABC's General Hospital is still airing classic episodes due to the production shut down until things can be back up and running in the studio. There has already been plenty of past drama when several episodes of the Nurses Ball were aired. Then, there was a week of Sonny and Carly. The focus then turned to Jason and Sam's romance for the next five days. Now it's back to another week of Sonny, but the episodes will be centered around his relationships with his four adult children, according to SheKnows Soaps.

On Monday, the infamous episode where Sonny shoots his own son will kick off the beginning of another week of classics. The original air date of the episode was January 29, 2010, and at that time, Sonny had no idea that Dante was his son. All he knew was that "Dominic" was trying to take him down and he wasn't having it. During a confrontation, Sonny took out his gun and proceeded to shoot Dante. That's when Olivia came running in and screaming at Sonny that he just shot his own son. The rest is General Hospital history as the two men made amends, despite one being a cop and the other a mobster.

Tuesday's show, which was first aired on June 4, 2010, will focus on Kristina as she and Sonny attended a therapy session together. It was an intense conversation about abusive relationships.

Maurice Benard and Chad Duell
ABC Press | Valerie Durant

Michael has had his ups and downs with Sonny over the years as well. On Wednesday, the episode will show Michael being upset when he found out that it was Sonny who killed his real father, AJ Quartermaine. It was confession time for Sonny to admit to Michael that he was the one who shot AJ. The original air date for this episode was November 7, 2014.

Thursday's General Hospital will once again be centered on Michael. Shortly after Michael threatened to shoot Sonny, he decided to punish the mobster by taking custody of his baby sister, Avery. This episode, which aired on June 29, 2015, had Michael having a change of heart and giving Avery back to her dad.

Morgan Corinthos will be the focus of Friday's show when he threatened to jump off the ledge at General Hospital. He felt guilty over Kiki's shooting and he was also off of his bipolar medications, which escalated the situation. Sonny was brought in to help his son.

It looks like there may be good news for fans as it was reported that General Hospital may be able to start filming in mid-July. That means new episodes would possibly start airing in late August if everything goes well.