Josephine Skriver Sizzles In Black Bikini Top And Maroon Shorts

Danish model Josephine Skriver wowed her 6.2 million Instagram followers on Sunday when she posted a throwback pic of herself in Denmark from last summer. Skriver stood in front of some greenery with perfect blue waters and the clear blue sky in the background. She wore a tiny black bikini top, paired with high-waisted, maroon shorts, and topped off the look with a sheer, bright orange cover-up.

The bikini top was tube top style with no straps. The fabric barely covered her assets and gathered at the center to give a perfect view of her cleavage.

The shorts hung on Skriver's tiny waist, leaving her belly button just peeking out over the waistband. The loose shorts draped over Skriver's hips, creating angular lines that drew all the attention to her flat stomach and created the illusion of a curvier hourglass figure. The Victoria's Secret model's perfect abs were visible between the waistband of the shorts and the bottom edge of the bikini top.

The sheer, orange cover-up hung open in the front, showing off the outfit and Skriver's amazing body. The cover-up had half-length sleeves, which covered Skriver's biceps. The garment hung off Skriver's shoulders and extended down the full length of her body.

Skriver stood with her legs about hip-width apart, leaning slightly onto her back leg. She jutted out one hip. creating amazing angles with her body. One arm hung by her side, the other was bent up gently touching her neck. Her long, dark hair looked barely styled and cascaded over her shoulders, just tickling the top of her cleavage.

The shadows on her face in the snap made it hard to see her makeup, but it appeared to be minimal. Her eyebrows looked to be darkened and filled in. Her face appeared to be done with a little bit of foundation and some bronzer, and she looked to be sporting a nude-colored hue on her lips.

In the caption, Skriver wrote that she was feeling homesick for her native country of Denmark. She also mentioned that the photo was taken there while she was on summer vacation.

Within a few hours, the post had been liked more than 43,500 times and racked up almost 150 comments.

Skriver's fans gushed about how beautiful she was in the photo and commented on her homesickness.

"Denmark is an amazing country, i can't wait for you to visit it again, to see some beautiful photos of you in your element and maybe the village in which you grew up in," said one Instagram user.

Another said, ":( sending hugs hope you're doing well," adding a heart-eye emoji after the message.

Last week, Skriver wowed her fans when she posted outtakes from a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot and let her fans know that she was slowly getting back to work.