Paul McCartney Is The UK’s Richest Musician

Sir Paul McCartney is still the UK’s richest musician.

While plenty of new artists have clearly made a ton of money in recent years, it would seem that the former Beatles’ member is still raking in quite a bit of cash. The musician is reportedly worth a staggering £680 million. That equates to roughly $1 billion in US currency.

Paul McCartney has been at the top of this particular list since its inception back in 1989. While other musicians, composers, and artists aren’t too far behind the singer-songwriter, no one has been able to knock him out of the top spot.

Andrew Lloyd Webber landed in second place this year with a net worth of around £620 million. The legendary composer recently revealed that he was adapting Richard Linklater’s 2003 comedy School of Rock for Broadway. Should this endeavor prove successful, his value will surely increase.

The iconic rock band U2 landed in third place with £520 million. The Irish group might be counted among the richest musicians in the UK, but they have a ways to go before they can catch up with Webber and Paul McCartney.

The Sunday Times has also put together a report featuring the UK’s wealthiest musicians who are currently under the age of 30. Not surprisingly, award-winning singer Adele has claimed the top spot with £30 million. Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis also topped this list with £14 million and £12 million, respectively.

Paul McCartney Still The UK's Richest Musician

The so-called Rich List will be printed in its entirety by The Sunday Times on April 21. The ranking was determined by public records of property, shares, and various assets.

The top 10 richest musicians in the UK are listed below.

Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell – £680 million
Andrew Lloyd Webber – £620 million
U2 -£520 million
Sir Elton John – £240 million
David and Victoria Beckham – £200 million
Mick Jagger – £200 million
Michael Flatley – £191 million
Keith Richards – £185 million
Olivia and Dhani Harrison – £180 million
Sting £180 million

Here’s the top 10 richest musicians under the age of 30.

Adele – £30 million
Cheryl Cole – £14 million
Leona Lewis – £12 million
Katie Melua – £12 million
Florence Welch – £9 million
Charlotte Church – £8 million
Jessie J – £8 million
Lily Allen – £8 million
Nadine Coyle – £6 million
Duffy – £6 million
Jonathan ‘JB’ Gill – £6 million

Are you surprised that Paul McCartney is still the richest musician in the UK?

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