Kaley Cuoco Poses With Her Adorable Dwarf Mini Horse And Praises An ‘Epic Beer Truck’

Kaley enjoyed a weekend getaway at her husband's ranch.

Kaley Cuoco attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Kaley enjoyed a weekend getaway at her husband's ranch.

Kaley Cuoco spent some quality time with her dwarf mini horse, Shmooshy, over the weekend, and she posed for an adorable picture with her little equine friend. Kaley also revealed that she had access to a beer truck.

On Saturday, June 27, Kaley made an appearance on the Instagram page that she created for Shmooshy. The Big Bang Theory star was photographed crouching down to get on the same level as her rescue pet. Kaley looked like she was dressed in equestrian apparel. Her casual all-black ensemble included a pair of shiny riding boots, form-fitting pants, and a T-shirt. It also looked like she had a black scarf or bandanna around her neck. To protect her eyes from the bright sunlight, she rocked a pair of oversized sunglasses with dark frames. She completed her outfit with a black baseball cap that had the words “Big Bay City” embroidered on it in yellow letters. This is the name of Kaley’s horse barn.

The competitive show jumper flashed a smile at the camera as she held the long lead attached to Shmooshy’s halter. The gray horse’s top teeth were exposed, making it look she was grinning at the camera, too. Shmooshy’s long, wavy mane hung down to her knees, and the hair on her forehead was styled in a small braid that was pushed over to the side.

In the caption of the post on the Life with Shmooshy page, Kaley revealed that she enjoyed a getaway at Pomponio Ranch over the weekend. Her husband, professional equestrian Karl Cook, owns the ranch.

Kaley also revealed that Karl or someone affiliated with the ranch rented out an “epic beer truck” from Tap Truck. Kaley and Shmooshy posed in front of the beverage-bearing vehicle. Beer taps were visible on the side of the vintage truck, and a rustic wooden table was set up in front of it.

Shmooshy and Kaley’s photo received a lot of love from the dwarf mini horse’s many fans. As of this writing, the Instagram photo has racked up over 8,000 likes.

“Look at that cute smile!” read one message in the comments section of the post.

“Shmooshy you’re adorable!” another fan remarked.

“Hello Shmooshy! Love your smile!” a third admirer chimed in.

According to People, Kaley adopted Shmooshy from The Peeps Foundation in 2017, and she immediately created an Instagram page for the miniature horse. The account is only updated occasionally, and it’s rare for Kaley and Shmooshy to make an appearance on it together.

Shmooshy isn’t Kaley’s only cute rescue pet with a separate Instagram page. She has also turned one of her rabbits, Simon, into a social media star.