Jamal Adams Won't Fetch As Much From The Cowboys As The Jets Want, Analyst Says

The Dallas Cowboys aren't going to be willing to pay as much for Jamal Adams as the New York Jets are going to want in return for the star defender. That's according to NFL player turned analyst Darren Woodson. The former defensive back appeared on the Pat McAfee Show this weekend and appeared to throw some cold water on the Adams to Cowboys rumors, according to Braulio Perez of Fansided.

Woodson's comments follow what Perez said feels like years of Cowboys fans waiting for some good news on the Adams front. The team reportedly tried to trade for him at the deadline in 2019, but a near-deal fell through. Since then, the team had apparently moved on, signing wide receiver Amari Cooper to a long-term deal and getting Dak Prescott locked in for at least one more season with a franchise tag contract.

"With rumors continuing to heat up regarding the two sides, everyone in Dallas is hopeful Adams will end up joining the team in Arlington and help them make a Super Bowl push," Perez wrote on Sunday.

The writer said Woodson ruined "the fun" for everyone by voicing his thoughts that the Cowboys simply don't have the ability to get Adams. The Jets have told various analysts they aren't going to deal Adams for just anything. In fact, the team has said they have no intention of trading the safety no matter what the asking price might be.

Jamal Adams of the New York Jets reacts in the fourth quarter of their game against the Miami Dolphins
Getty Images | Michael Reaves

Woodson reportedly pointed out part of the problem is that the Cowboys are not the only team in on the Adams sweepstakes. The defensive back is said to have as many as eight franchises he would be willing to play for should a deal materialize. That means the Jets are in a better position to say no to any offer made. The Seahawks, Eagles, 49ers, Chiefs, Texans, Buccaneers and Ravens are all said to be squads Adams would like to play for in 2020.

On that note, the Cowboys aren't the only team that might find acquiring Adams a bit too pricey. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Kansas City Chiefs are a long shot to acquire the defensive back because of the cost. First, there's the cost of what the team would need to send back in return to the Jets. There's also the cost of Adams himself, who wants a new, long-term deal. Recently listed as the third-best safety in the NFL, per CBS Sports HQ's Twitter -- a tweet you can view here -- there are reports he wants as much as $20 million per year.