Fitness Guru Demi Bagby Expertly Skateboards In Daisy Dukes And White Crop Top

Demi Bagby rocked a cute outfit while skateboarding over the weekend.

Demi Bagby snapping a selfie.
Demi Bagby / Instagram

Demi Bagby rocked a cute outfit while skateboarding over the weekend.

Demi Bagby is known for her extreme fitness training, but on Saturday she decided to take her skills to a skateboard park to have a little fun. The Instagram influencer shared a video on the social media platform of herself rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes and a cute white crop top while riding the skateboard across the track.

Demi didn’t say whether she had done this feat before, but it sure looked like she was doing pretty well. The 19-year-old hopped on the skateboard and took off with her long curly locks flying as she maneuvered her way across the wavy track. For her day of fun, she wore a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts, leaving her trim legs exposed. The waistband hovered just below her belly button and the pants had a couple of rips toward the bottom.

Demi teamed the shorts with a white crop top. The neckline was V-shaped and came dangerously low as she glided through to her destination. The bottom of the crop top stopped just under her bosom and showed off her incredible abs and toned tummy.

The CrossFit athlete paired her outfit with low-cut white sneakers that appeared to be perfect for staying firmly on the skateboard. Demi may have had her wavy hair pulled back at one point, as she had a white scrunchie wrapped around her wrist. However, she let her tresses down to fly in the wind to seemingly add to the effect of the ride.

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Demi appeared to be in full concentration mode as she pumped her upper body through the waves and curves while balancing on the skateboard. About halfway through, she gave a thumbs up toward the camera, but she quickly went back to the job at hand.

When she had finished the course, Demi hopped off of the skateboard and proceeded to do a cute twirl to show how much she enjoyed it. She then threw her hands up in the air with a huge smile on her face.

This is the not only time that Demi has showed off her amazing skills. Earlier this month, she took to the beach rocking a red bikini to do a series of handsprings that would make any normal person dizzy just watching her. She accomplished the feat with no problem and shared it with her 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Fans were totally impressed with her gymnast skills, and they were just as impressed with her skateboarding in this most recent video, as they took to the comment section to applaud her.

“Wow is there something you can’t do?” a follower wanted to know.

“Watched it 4 times! Good vibes!” said another follower.

“Shout out to the camera guy,” a third person replied.