Jessa Duggar Shares Son Spurgeon’s Clever Tactic For Skipping Out On His Nap Time

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Jessa Duggar regularly shares stories and photos of her three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1, on Instagram and her 2.2 million followers love it. In her latest share on the social media platform, the Counting On star posted a cute story of her oldest son coming up with a clever way of getting out of taking a nap.

Jessa revealed that Spurgeon luckily still takes naps. However, there are times when she decides that an earlier bedtime is a bit better on some days. She also shared in her short story that she likes to put the two boys down separately so that they are not playing around with each other instead of sleeping. One day recently as she was putting Henry down first for his nap time, she told Spurgeon to grab a book and do some reading while she was busy with his little brother. That’s when the Duggar grandson apparently took reading to a whole new level.

According to Jessa, she came back into the room only to find that Spurgeon had grabbed a huge pile of books for his reading pleasure. As seen in the photo that the mom of three shared, the little guy stacked the books right beside him. He had one book in his hand ready to get started.

He told his mom that he was going to read all of the books that were sitting there. Seeing how sweet that was, Jessa Duggar ended up not sending him in to take a nap after all.

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To nap or not to nap— that is the question. Our 4.5 yr old will still fall asleep for an afternoon nap, but that usually makes bedtime a bit later. Sometimes we skip naptime and bump bedtime up. Since the boys share a room, I often put Henry down for his nap first, and once he’s asleep, then Spurgeon goes down. This way they aren’t talking to each other or keeping each other from falling asleep. ???? When the room is quiet, Henry usually goes to sleep pretty quickly. I told Spurgeon, “Grab a book and read for 5 minutes while Henry is falling asleep.” I returned to find this— an entire shelf’s worth of books transferred onto the couch beside him! “I’m going to read ALL OF THESE BOOKS!” he declared. ???????????? I thought he’d employed a pretty creative tactic for getting out of a nap. How could I say no to that? ???? And so it was, no nap for him today! We both sat on the couches reading our books while the two littles napped. Though he didn’t make it through the whole stack, he did sit quietly for a looong time looking through those books! I was impressed. When did you give up afternoon naps with your kids?

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Spurgeon was sitting on their living room couch looking intently at the book in his hand. His signature curly hair and long eyelashes just added to the adorableness of the snapshot. Duggar fans wholeheartedly agreed that Spurgeon was pretty smart in getting out of his nap that day.

“That’s awesome! Such sweet little ones,” one of her followers remarked.

“Looks like some serious reading there,” someone else said.

“Just like his dad and uncle Jeremy,” replied a third fan.

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