JoJo Siwa Reveals New Brunette Hair To The Tune Of Miley Cyrus' 'Can't Be Tamed'

JoJo Siwa fans rarely see her without her blond ponytail and one of her signature bows, so they freaked out a bit when she let her hair down and revealed that it's now brown.

On Friday, JoJo unveiled her new look on TikTok, and the music that she chose to accompany her video had some of her fans all abuzz. JoJo's upload included a short snippet of the 2010 Miley Cyrus song "Can't Be Tamed." The tune marked the start of a new musical era for Miley, who had spent most of her teenage years playing a pop star on the family-friendly Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.

JoJo's TikTok video began with a shot of the 17-year-old pop star rocking the sparkly and colorful look that her fans are accustomed to seeing. Her hair was slicked up in a high ponytail with a bedazzled bow. She wore a pale purple sequin top, a pink corduroy jacket, and a pair of black polka-dot pants with glitter stripes down the sides.

JoJo mouthed along with the audio of the Miley song as she smiled and pointed at the camera, and she then spun around. The video was edited to make it look like her hair color suddenly changed from blond to brunette, while her outfit remained the same.

After another quick cut, JoJo's long hair was down. It was styled in soft waves, and the laughing singer had it pushed over to one side. This final shot was in slow motion.

Since it was initially uploaded, JoJo's video has racked up 1.1 million likes and 42,000 comments. A number of fans suggested that the video might mark the beginning of a whole new look and sound for the "Nonstop" singer who rose to fame on the reality series Dance Moms.

"Jojo's miley era is coming," read one response to her video.

"OMG guys she really is growing up," another fan wrote.

"I was so not expecting this but I love it," a third admirer remarked.

"We may be stuck in a pandemic but jojo is the only person that can cheer us up," a fourth comment read.

Many of JoJo's fans also chimed in to let her know that they love her new hair color. However, the change might not lead to a complete image overhaul just yet. Earlier this month, the singer spoke to Entertainment Tonight about a viral video that showed her with her hair down, and she revealed that she won't be ditching her iconic bows anytime soon.

"The bow will never be over," she said. "I mean, the bow is my life. I loved it ever since I was little. It's become who I am," she added.