Mariana Morais & Daisy Keech Stun In Skimpy Bikinis While Dancing Inside A Cenote

Mariana Morais and Daisy Keech displayed their fantastic figures in teeny bikinis while dancing inside a cenote. On Friday, Mariana shared a video of the two models taking a TikTok challenge underground during their trip to Tulum, Mexico.

The Clubhouse members were getting their groove on to a slowed-down version of rapper Megan Thee Stallion's smash hit, "Savage." They performed the same choreographed moves that have been spreading across TikTok like wildfire for months now, but their version of the dance challenge was considerably slower.

Mariana and Daisy were inside the same dark underground cave that has made an appearance in a few of their TikTok videos. A hole above the pool of water behind them was allowing some sunlight to filter in. This made it possible to see the sparkling water below, the clusters of stalactites hanging from the ceiling, and the two dancing women.

For their performance, Mariana rocked a mismatched bikini that included a dark brown triangle top with small metallic ring accents on its thin shoulder straps. The garment clung to her curvy chest, drawing attention to her ample cleavage as she wiggled and jiggled around. She teamed the scanty top with a pair of black bottoms that had a high-banded waist. The wide waistband stretched around Mariana's shapely hips, forming the sides of the bottoms. This created a high cut that elongated her toned, lean legs.

Mariana's dark blond mane was soaking wet, and a few long pieces of hair hung down over her chest.

Daisy's shorter, lighter hair was also damp. Her bikini was a rosy pink color, and it included a bandeau top with two knotted details in the front. Her tiny bottoms sat daringly low in the front, while the garment's string ties were stretched up high on her slender hips.

At the beginning of the video, the two women leaned toward the camera, and Mariana stuck her tongue out at viewers. They clapped their hands together, swayed their hips from side to side, and briefly shook their booties.

Mariana's collaboration with Daisy has helped her score over 30,000 likes since the video was initially uploaded to her TikTok account.

"If you look close enough they are in a cave," quipped one fan in the comments section.

"Do you have a BandAid? I just scraped my knee falling for you," another admirer wrote.

"Two queens in one vid!" a third comment read.

Mariana previously shared another video that was filmed inside the cenote, but she was dancing solo in that clip. She was also rocking a different bikini.