Stassie Karanikolaou Showcases Hourglass Figure In Neon Pink Bikini

Stassie Karanikolaou wears a sparkling silver top.
Dana Pleasant / Getty Images

On Friday, Stassie Karanikolaou posted her first Instagram photo on her page in four days, and she flaunted her hourglass figure in a bright neon pink bikini, posing outdoors in a tropical setting.

Stassie stood facing the camera straight on and crossed her right leg in front. She placed her hands on her head and was seemingly adjusting her hair. She gazed directly at the camera with a sultry and fierce expression on her face and just a hint of a smile.

The model’s bikini top had thin straps and a high scoop neckline that offered a glimpse of her cleavage, and her matching bottoms had a low waistline and thick straps that left her curvy hips bare. In addition, her toned abs and legs were on show.

Stassie wore her hair in a ponytail with an off-center part, and her long locks were partially brushed in front of her left shoulder. Her impeccable makeup application apparently included silver eyeshadow, lots of mascara, pink blush, and dark lipstick with a purplish hue. She further added to her look with her accessories, and her jewelry included a cross card necklace and a gold bracelet on her right wrist.

Stassie stood on a green lawn, and behind her was a lush area with lots of plants and trees. There were also large tan rocks that separated the grass from the landscaping.

The photo was taken on a sunny day with clear skies, but she opted to pose in the shade. The lighting left her skin looking flawless.

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The update was only posted 45 minutes ago, but it’s already received over 189,100 likes. Stassie’s fans also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“Wowwwww wonderful baby wonderful,” gushed a supporter.

“WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS,” raved a second admirer.

“Unpopular opinion: Hotter than Kylie [Jenner],” declared a third person.

“I hope you are well and safe, all my good wishes always for you precious,” wrote another social media user.

In her last Instagram upload, Stassie posed in what looked like another yard. That time, she rocked a light yellow teddy with lacy accents throughout and a see-through design of sorts. The fabric allowed a hint of her nipples to show as she struck a couple of poses in the two-part series. The influencer held a glass of white wine in her left hand, posing behind a well-manicured yard with tall, colorful flowers, hedges, plants, and trees.