Republican Senator Begs White House To Hold Intervention For Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in the Rose Garden at the White House July 25, 2017 in Washington, DC.
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Amid U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent decline in the polls, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley begged White House officials to hold an intervention with the president to save his chances of winning reelection in November, Raw Story reported.

“Will somebody with access to the Oval Office read the WSJ editorial ‘The Trump Referendum’ to President Trump,” Grassley wrote. “We won’t have more good SCOTUS justices or the best economy in 50 years like we have had if he doesn’t follow that advice.”

The Wall Street Journal op-ed in question — penned by the publication’s editorial board — argued that Trump has failed to create a vision for his second term and convey it to the American public. As reported by Raw Story, the board claims that the president is careening toward a “historic repudiation” in November.

According to the board, Trump may be able to retain his 35 percent base of support that will remain with him until the end, but he has shed swing voters over the last two months.

“This includes suburban women, independents, and seniors who took a risk on him in 2016 as an outsider who would shake things up. Now millions of Americans are close to deciding that four more years are more risk than they can stand.”

According to the Wall Street Journal editors, Trump can still pave the way for victory against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, but the window of opportunity for such a comeback is narrowing. The publication noted that a November defeat will “reward” the enemies who “schemed against him” in the 2016 election and let down the 63 million Americans who elected him into office.

U.S. President Donald Trump pauses while speaking during a meeting with President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastian Pinera in the Oval Office of the White House on September 28, 2018 in Washington, DC.
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The Guardian claimed that Trump is in a “precarious” position but also highlighted the possibility of a comeback. The publication claimed the president’s chances hinge on winning back suburban voters who have jumped ship to Biden, creating an optimistic message of his second term, and a rebound of the United States economy. As the publication noted, some Republicans believe that the political landscape is “ripe” for a surprise Trump victory. However, they allegedly believe this hinges on Trump’s ability to change the “important fundamentals” mentioned above.

Earlier this month, journalist David Cay Johnston argued that Trump’s reelection chances also hinge on his ability to divert blame for the coronavirus pandemic and quell the social unrest linked to the death of George Floyd. Johnston, who has studied the president for 32 years, also warned against underestimating Trump and assuming he will lose in November.