Charly Jordan Flaunts Her Fit Figure In A Green Bikini & Poses With A Cute Bunny

Charly gushed over how fluffy the tiny rabbit was.

Charly Jordan attends Abyss By Abby Launch at Beauty & Essex
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Charly gushed over how fluffy the tiny rabbit was.

Charly Jordan sizzled in a string bikini for a series of photos that she uploaded to her Instagram account on Friday. However, she also posed with a fluffy friend who almost stole the spotlight from the stunning model.

Charly’s photo shoot took place outdoors. She was posing on a hanging daybed covered with throw pillows. The thick ropes supporting the large swing were seemingly attached to a high, unseen anchor point. A towering tree with a massive knobby trunk could be seen behind the model, along with other fauna and a stretch of green grass.

Charly’s swing was located in a sunny area of the large yard, which appeared to be part of The Clubhouse’s property in Beverly Hills. The model wore a sea green string bikini that featured a classic sliding design, one boasting string ties on the top and the bottoms. Charly’s tiny triangle cups were pulled wide apart, highlighting her toned chest, perky cleavage, and sun-kissed decolletage.

The front panel of the model’s matching bottoms had a slightly scrunched appearance, and the small piece of fabric left little of her toned tummy to the imagination. In the caption attached to her post, Charly revealed that her bikini was from Revolve.

Charly’s glittering accessories included gold stacked bracelets on her left wrist and multiple small gold hoops in each ear, including one with a small spike dangling from it. The model wore her hair pulled up in a high, folded-over ponytail with a yellow scrunchie wrapped around it.

Charly was on her knees, and it looked like she was sitting back on her heels to make her pose a bit more comfortable. In all five of the photos that she shared, the model was posing with a tiny bunny. The cute critter was white with a few small gray spots on its soft fur.

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The rabbit was so little that Charly was able to hold it in one hand. She did exactly this in her first photo, and she used her free hand to tug on her bikini bottoms. She was flashing a dazzling smile at the camera as she held her adorable companion up close to her face.

Subsequent shots showed Charly cupping the bunny in both hands, pressing it against her chest, and holding it near her mouth as she gave the camera a small smile. Her final photo was a silly shot that captured her leaning forward, squinting her eyes, and puckering her lips. The bunny looked like it was about to start nibbling on one of her fingers.

The bunny was a big hit with Charly’s Instagram followers.

“Death by fluffiness,” read one response to her post.

“Look at the bunny who is so fuzzy and cute!” another fan wrote.

“Freaking adorable… the bunny is cute too tho,” quipped another admirer.