Qimmah Russo Smashes Full-Body Workout In Black Sports Bra And Matching Shorts

Qimmah Russo added a new workout to her Instagram page on Friday, and it looks like fans loved what they saw.

Dressed in a black sports bra, matching shorts, and a red-and-white baseball cap, the curly-haired beauty started her workout with a set of squats into knee raises. She got into a wide-legged stance for this exercise before she bent both knees. As she stood up, she raised one knee in the direction of her opposite arm and lowered her elbow toward it.

Next, Qimmah performed a set of jumping lunges. She placed one leg behind the other for this one, bending both knees. Next, she launched herself into the air and landed in the same position.

In the third video of the series, Qimmah started in a standing position before she bent forward and walked her hands forward. While in a plank position, she raised one knee to the side and lowered it. She then performed the exercise on the other side.

Qimmah dramatically upped the difficulty of her workout in the fourth and last clip. In this video, she stood in front of a mesh door and placed her fingers in its open squares. With her back still against the door, she raised both legs and lowered them, hinging the motion at her pelvis.

In her caption, Qimmah wrote that each exercise should be done 15 times per set. She also shared that she had been feeling like she's in great physical condition lately, which was already evident based on the videos she shared. She went on to encourage her fans to get motivated by the health benefits that exercise can add to their lives.

Qimmah's post racked up more than 5,000 likes in one hour, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it.

In the comments section, some fans filled their replies with emoji meant to express their admiration for Qimmah. But others took the time to actually type their compliments.

"Omg, you're my everyday inspiration!!" one person wrote.

"Chisel body and looking so radiant! A pure athlete!" another Instagram user commented.

"Work it out gorgeous Qimmah Russo, working it out," a third supporter added.

"You always looking breathtaking," a fourth fan gushed. "My heart beats fastly [sic] when I see you."

Much like this one, in a previous Instagram post, Qimmah twerked and squatted for a fun outdoor full-body circuit.

"Athlete Exercises! Rise and Shine," she wrote in the caption, also adding a heart-eye emoji. "Pushing my body to the limit has got me this far and I LOVE the way it makes me feel! Strong independent women you better get those gains up.