Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Shows Off Her Curves In A Leopard-Print Bikini

Brittany Matthews -- the long-time girlfriend of NFL star Patrick Mahomes -- treated fans to an eyeful of her athletic figure in three photos for her latest Instagram post. She wore a small bikini while posing on the shore of a beach.

The social media influencer is known for sharing fitness tips online, and she showed off the progress of her workouts with these spicy snaps. Matthews had her long blond hair tied up in a bun as she sported a pair of aviator-style sunglasses.

The fitness model was photographed on a beach and rocked a tiny leopard-print swimsuit. Her top hugged onto her chest and had thin straps that went over her shoulders. She wore matching bottoms that had thick V-cut straps along the sides.

For the first snap, the 24-year-old was shot from the side while she knelt down on the shore. Matthews placed her left arm between her legs and her right arm behind her while she tilted her head up toward the sun and flashed a giant smile across her face. This angle offered followers a glimpse of her toned midsection, and her folded legs helped hint at her curvy backside.

Matthews laid down for the second photo. The Texas native leaned back and rested her weight on her elbows. She raised her left knee and kept her right leg straight as she gazed off-camera toward the water. Her tanned complexion popped against the light-colored sand.

In the final pic, Matthews was photographed from behind. The former soccer pro leaned on her hands and tilted her head toward the sky. This angle gave a clear view of the back of her bikini. She added a single-word caption about unplugging.

Many of Matthews' 500,000 followers took notice of the beach photos, and more than 46,000 found their way to the "like" button. She received over 190 comments, as her replies were littered with fire emoji. Instagram users complimented her fit figure and her suit.

"So cuuuuuttteee," Instagram model Kayla Nicole wrote.

"That swimsuit is hella cute," one follower commented.

"Hot girl summer," a fan replied while adding three fire emoji.

"Go to a place where we lose reception," an admirer wrote in response to the caption.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Matthews shared several lower-body workout tips with her fans earlier in the month. In a series of videos, she performed squats, lunges, and kickbacks. She did these exercises at home while wearing tight gray leggings and a pink-colored top. That post garnered over 24,000 likes.