Krissy Cela Rocks Flattering Gray Leggings For At-Home Lower Body Workout

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela rocked a flattering pair of gray leggings and a loose-fitting white T-shirt for a new at-home leg-workout series on her Instagram page.

Krissy started her workout with a set of split squats. For this exercise, the British fitness trainer placed one foot on a chair behind her and bent both knees. She did this while holding two dumbbells at her sides. In her caption, she called the split squats a “unilateral” exercise that’s great for targeting the glutes.

Next, Krissy powered through a set of box squats. She assumed a wide-legged stance for this and pointed her toes outward. With the dumbbell held vertically beneath her chin, Krissy lowered her glutes until she sat on the chair behind her. Then she paused for a couple of seconds before she stood up once more. She wrote that the exercise was ideal for developing the quads, and added that turning the toes to the side helps to engage the glutes even more.

A set of deadlifts followed and Krissy re-introduced the second dumbbell for this exercise. Standing with her legs straight and her feet slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart, Krissy leaned forward and slowly lowered the weights to her heels.

In her caption, she stressed the importance of keeping the neck aligned with the spine during the exercise.

During the fourth clip, Krissy tackled reverse lunge pulses with one dumbbell. She held the weight horizontally in front of her face as she took a large step backward. Next, she bent both knees and then partially raised the back leg to bend it once more to complete the “pulse.”

Krissy ended the circuit with a set of pulse squats. For this exercise, she held her dumbbell the same way she did in the previous video, but this time she bent both knees for a deep squat. Then she performed three pulses which were much shallower knee bends than her first.

The post accumulated close to 15,000 likes in under an hour, and almost 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, several fans complimented the fitness model.

“Wow you are pretty strong so keep up the awesome work and I hope you enjoy leg day,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Krissy!! Omg such goals. How do you stay so fit during quarantine though??” a second supporter commented.

“She’s awesome,” a third fan wrote after they tagged another Instagram user. “You can have a look on her Instagram page and even her ‘app page’ @toneandsculptapp A lot of good exercises…”

More than one commenter didn’t seem thrilled about the inclusion of split squats into the circuit.

“Split squats will forever be a love-hate relationship for me,” a fourth Instagram user wrote.

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