Demi Rose Soaks Up The Sun In A Knit Bikini In Throwback Photo

Demi Rose Mawby attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Demi Rose recently shared a sultry throwback snap of herself on her Instagram story, posting a photo posing in a teeny two-piece that showcased all of her assets.

The British model, 25, sprawled out on her back on top of a giant palm frond. She lifted her arms above her head, each bent at the elbow and stretched upward. She turned her face into one arm, basking in the sunlight.

Demi’s hourglass-shaped figure was on full display in the sun, and the crocheted swimsuit did little to cover her curves.

The bikini top was made up of black, light yellow, and burnt orange fabric. The cups were triangular-shaped and were tied together by a halter top that tied around the nape of her neck, as well as a frayed string that circled around her back.

The cups barely contained her ample cleavage and buxom bust, which almost spilled out of the garment. As it was, the two-piece top rode up on her chest, exposing some underboob.

Her taut, toned, and tanned midriff was covered with sand, making it seem as if Demi had just rolled around on the beach.

The swimsuit bottoms were made up of the same fabric and colors as the top. They dipped down low on her lower abdomen, and rode up high on her hips. The bikini bottoms were tied on either side of her waist, showcasing the her fit physique and curvaceous body.

Demi Rose Mawby attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
  Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Demi’s brunette tresses stretched out behind her in voluminous strands. Her locks appeared to be slightly darker at the root, but shined lighter and more red in the sun, giving a hint of a two-toned effect.

She smiled in the image, the corners of her mouth turning upward. Her plump pout was slightly parted, and her pearly white teeth glistened in the light.

As for her jewelry, Demi accessorized with diamond studs in her ears.

Demi’s dark brows seemed to be arched, groomed, and filled in with pencil. Her eyes were closed, giving her followers a better look at her eye makeup. It looked as if she wore a light pink shimmer on her lids. Her feathery lashes curled upward and fanned outward in a dramatic fashion, giving her a cat-eye appearance.

Her nose appeared to be dotted with highlighter. Her cheeks looked to be brushed with a warm, golden brush, making her sun-kissed skin appear even more bronzed. She seemed to complete the look with a pink gloss on her lips.