Aussie Babe Madi Edwards Showcases Bronze Body In Hot Bra & Panties

Madi Edwards snaps a selfie.
Madi Edwards / Instagram

Madi Edwards ended the workweek with a tantalizing new shot that was shared on her Instagram page. The photo was posted an hour ago and captured the model in an intimate set.

Madi was the mastermind behind the photo and posed in front of a mirror. A geotag in the update indicated that she was in Los Angeles, California, where she was modeling underwear. The Australian beauty posed in front of a gold-rimmed mirror in a room that was decorated with a plain white wall and a light wood floor.

Madi turned her figure in profile and gazed at her phone to ensure that she captured the right angle. She bent her selfie-snapping arm at the elbow and placed her hand and phone on the side of her face. She extended the other arm in front of her and popped her booty out for the camera. The model rocked a sexy, basic set from the Lounge Underwear that highlighted her bronze body.

On her upper half, she sported a ribbed white bra that boasted a scooping neckline and showed a glimmer of her tanned cleavage. Its thin straps were worn on her defined shoulders, and the bottom of the ensemble had an elastic band that featured the company’s logo in bold black letters.

The bottoms had a high-waisted cut that still allowed Madi to show a tease of her midriff. The garment boasted a matching band that hit on her bellybutton. Also of note was its high cut that left her lean legs in full view.

Madi kept the accessories simple and wore a gold necklace on her collar and a small silver ring on her left pointer finger. Her hair appeared to be a few shades darker than usual and had a silky shine to it.

Madi was done up with a beautiful application of makeup that included defined brows and a few coats of mascara. It looked like her cheekbones were dusted with a light pink shadow, and she seemingly lined her pout with a dark lipstick.

In its short time live, the post has accrued over 3,000 likes and 42 comments. Some social media users complimented her figure while others used emoji.

“You’re so pretty,” one social media user complimented.

“Hello you’re looking absolutely amazing,” a second fan gushed alongside a series of smiley face emoji.

“Basic but beautiful,” a third pointed out with the addition of a single red heart.

“I love you,” one more added.

Earlier this week, the model turned heads in Las Vegas when she sported a peek-a-boo top and leather pants.