Whitney Johns Smashes Gym Workout In Black Sports Bra And Peach Shorts

Whitney Johns poses for a selfie
Whitney Johns / Instagram

Whitney Johns showed off her fit physique in the most recent workout video series on her Instagram page. (Warning: The videos below feature background music with lyrics which some readers may consider offensive.)

In the first clip, the brunette got into a squat position in front of a cable machine and pulled its handles toward her chest.

Next, Whitney added a dumbbell to the workout for a set of weighted squats. For this exercise, she held the weight vertically with both hands as she bent her knees to complete her repetitions.

In the third video of the series, Whitney performed a set of lateral squats. With one dumbbell lifted to her shoulders, she stood with her legs far apart at the beginning. Then, she bent one knee and shifted her body weight toward it. After she straightened that knee, she repeated the exercise on the same side.

For the fourth clip, Whitney leaned forward and placed one knee on a bench for a set of bent-over rows. This move required her to hold a dumbbell horizontally as she lifted and lowered it with one hand.

Then, she performed a series of deadlifts, which meant that she had to hold her dumbbell vertically as she leaned forward, keeping her legs straight throughout the exercise.

In the second-to-last clip, Whitney held what appeared to be a medicine ball as she repeatedly lowered her glutes onto a bench. She kept one knee lifted each time she stood up for her seat.

The ball appeared in the final clip as well. This time Whitney trained with a partner and each of them passed it to one another during the video.

Whitney’s fans took to the comments section to praise her form.

“Stunning, mam.. Inspirational,” one fan wrote, adding a fire emoji to their comment.

“This is better than anything Netflix has to offer,” a second Instagram user added.

“Incredible work ethic! Always good to see you go at it,” a third commenter gushed.

“Some great exercises I will try to include this week, thanks!” a fourth person remarked.

In a previous post, Whitney flaunted the results of the effort she puts into training her body. In both of the photos she shared, the model rocked a pink crop top and skimpy white briefs. She also wore a floppy straw hat in each image as she posed on a beach located in Malibu, California, according to her geotag.

“A moment of silence for those who sunburn instead of tan,” she wrote in the caption.

The post has accumulated more than 20,000 likes since its upload.