Blac Chyna Poses In A Bikini Top & Mesh Pants To Promote Debut Single 'Seen Her'

Blac Chyna wowed her 16.3 million Instagram followers on Thursday, June 25, wearing a skimpy white two-piece and fishnet pants in order to promote her first single, "Seen Her." The former reality star, 32, posed on the edge of an infinity pool and wore a bright pink wig for the three-photo shoot.

In the first shot, Chyna stood tall, facing the camera from the side. She rocked a halter-neck swimsuit top that showcased her bust. Her toned and tattooed midriff was on display. She appeared to wear a matching thong bottom underneath flowy fishnet pants that matched the outfit.

The second snap featured Chyna crawling on the side of the pool on all fours, keeping her eyes closed with her booty in the air.

The third photo showed the model sitting on her knees with her hands on her lap. While the photo was taken from the side, Chyna looked directly at the camera. The corners of her mouth curved upward into a small, close-mouthed smile.

Chyna wore her locks in a long, bubblegum-pink wig that was parted in the middle. The straight strands cascaded down her back and shoulders, reaching her derriere.

Chyna's makeup palette seemed to match her bold hair color, particularly when it came to her eyeshadow. It looked as if she wore a heavy pink shimmer on her lids -- a hue that reached her brow bone. Her eyes appeared to be rimmed with kohl liner. Her lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara, making her honey brown eyes stand out.

Her cheeks looked to be dusted with bronzer and highlighter, making her cheekbones pop. Meanwhile, her lips seemed to be outlined with a mocha-colored liner and filled in with a lighter shade of pink gloss.

Chyna's followers flocked to the comments section of the post in droves, eager to shower her in compliments, praise, and excitement. While some fans chose to simply respond with rows of flame emoji, other followers left her lengthier messages. Some were in awe of her full ensemble.

"Ok werk," commented one fan, including two heart-eyes emoji.

"Yas queen," declared another social media user, punctuating their comment with a flame and a crown emoji.

Others were pumped to listen to her music.

"Something tells me Chy got bars I'm ready," wrote a follower, adding two pink hearts.

"Can't wait to hear ur first single," said a fourth person, following up with a heart-eyes emoji. "Love u sm."

As of press time, the three-picture set was double-tapped close to 96,000 times. It received more than 1,000 comments.