Kim French Rocks Black Cropped Tank Top And Patterned Shorts For High-Intensity Interval Workout

Kim French poses for a selfie
Kim French / Instagram

Kim French took to Instagram on Friday to show her 1 million followers a new outdoor workout.

Dressed in a cropped black tank top and pastel-colored patterned shorts, the British fitness trainer started her workout with a series of squats into high knees. For this exercise, she assumed a wide-legged stance before she bent both her knees and lowered her glutes. Next, she raised one of her knees and tapped it with her opposite hand before she repeated the exercise on the other side.

Next, Kim combined calf raises with torso twists. She got into a squatting position for this exercise and raised both heels. She then turned her torso to one side and back to its original position. After that, she repeated her calf lift and twisted her torso to the other side.

Kim powered through a set of “V” kicks next. For this exercise, she sat on a mat and tilted her torso backward slightly. Propping her upper body up with her arms, she briskly kicked her lower legs upward at about a 45-degree angle.

A set of “knee-ups” followed. Kim started the exercise with one leg stretched behind the other and her torso bent forward. She then raised her back knee toward her hands, which were raised in front of her chest.

Next, in the fifth video of the series, Kim ended the circuit with a series of alternating toe-taps. For this exercise, she leaned her torso forward until her hands were on the ground, then spread her legs. Next, she reached one arm toward her opposite foot. After returning her hand to the ground, she repeated the exercise with her other arm.

In her caption, Kim called this a bodyweight and core-focused High-Intensity Interval training workout. She described it as “intense but fun,” and encouraged her followers to push themselves during their training.

The post generated more than 5,000 likes in under an hour and more than 170 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans shared their positive reactions to the workout demo.

“This is by far my favorite fitness page ever,” one person wrote.

“Love it! Gonna try to add this to my workouts. Also glad it doesn’t require a lot of space bc my apartment is tiny,” another Instagram user commented.

“Your lines are always so perfect! Make it look like an art form,” a third supporter gushed.

“This is great, a needed something for a quick lunchtime burn…trying this today” a fourth person remarked.