Megan Thee Stallion's New Song Causes Rift Between Eazy-E's Daughters After She Sampled His Track

Late rapper Eazy-E's daughters are currently feuding over the release of Megan Thee Stallion's new song, "Girls in the Hood."

Earlier this week, Megan announced via social media that her new song would premiere on Friday, June 26. Prior to releasing the song, Megan previewed the music on her Instagram page as she danced along to the lyrics, which you can see here. As she played the song, fans could hear that she sampled the Eazy-E and N.W.A. track "Boyz-n-the-Hood."

According to Hollywood Life, seeing Megan dance to the beat her father popularized back in the late 1980s upset his daughter, ReeMarkable (Henree Wright), 27. She began her Instagram rant by saying she didn't mind the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper paying homage to her father. Rather than being upset with Megan, ReeMarkable claimed her frustration was with the producers who gave Megan the green light to rap over the beat in the first place. Through the years, ReeMarkable said she and her siblings have wanted to use their father's music, but haven't been cleared to do so.

After ReeMarkable shared her truth, the video was posted across social media. Following her comments, Eazy-E's other daughter, Ebie Wright, 28, said she fully supports Megan's song. She also said she was tired of Eazy-E's fans assuming she's speaking out on behalf of her dad when it's typically her half sister who expresses her opinion on social media.

"You guys have got to stop getting me confused with this girl. I don't know her, my father didn't know her," Ebie said via a video posted to Instagram, which can be seen here. "And it's really strange to me that every single time something that has to do with my dad comes up, she's the first one running to the Internet to speak up as if she's the spokesperson for my father or my family."

Ebie continued to say that although ReeMarkable tends to sound off on issues pertaining to their father, she and her mother, Tracy Jernagin, are still fighting to make sure her father's estate is protected. Additionally, she said she loves Megan's song and enjoys it when artists amplify her father's work, as she didn't feel he got the "respect" he deserved while he was alive.

ReeMarkable then clapped back and said she and all of her father's kids need to come together and protect their father's legacy. Before succumbing to AIDS in 1995, Eazy-E had a reported 10 children from several women.

Megan has yet to address the controversy publicly. "Girls in the Hood" is the rapper's latest song following the success of "Savage," which was released earlier this year. The song was made viral with the help of TikTok and even earned Megan a feature with Beyonce for "Savage Remix."