Stephanie Sanzo Deadlifts Large Barbell In Black Shorts

Stephanie Sanzo poses for a selfie
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Stephanie Sanzo showed off her deadlifting prowess in the most recent clip on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a loose-fitting black longsleeved crop top and matching pants, the Australian fitness trainer assumed a wide-legged stance at the beginning of the video. Then she leaned her torso forward to pick up the barbell in front of her with an underhanded grip on one side and an overhanded one on the other. After that, she straightened her knees and lifted the weight with a grimace. After she lowered the barbell, Stephanie repeated the move six times before the video ended.

In her caption, Stephanie answered fans’ questions about the amount of weight one should use during a deadlift. Writing that the weight should change from session to session, she shared that her barbell was 330 pounds during a deadlift session three weeks ago. That changed to 352 pounds during week two and then she lifted 308 pounds on week three.

Adding variety to your barbell weight rep ranges helps to ensure that your body doesn’t plateau, she added.

The post has been liked more than 40,000 times and over 200 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, Stephanie’s fans complimented her muscled physique.

“And really you have one of the most bestest physique of ALL times,” one person wrote before adding a string of heart eye emoji to their comment.

“Ohh Ohh look at the strength you are possessing,” another Instagram user commented.

“Wow!!!!!! You’re lovely and very strong,” a third Instagram user gushed. “You are a very beautiful young lady, Stephanie. I love you so much. Thank you”

A fourth commenter thanked Stephanie for some advice she gave them previously.

“Hey I’ve been trying the reverse grip u mentioned to me two weeks now it’s working getting back on track with the deadlift thanx,” they wrote.

In her reply, Stephanie wrote that she was happy she could help.

Stephanie’s post from two days ago showed off some of the results of her dedication to weightlifting. With her dark blond hair in a high ponytail, she posed in a snug black crop top and shorts which flaunted her sculpted triceps and pert posterior. Stephanie also shared an inspirational message in her caption.

“You won’t always feel like training…⁣But when you push through those obstacles – you will feel EMPOWERED,” she wrote.

That post has been liked more than 95,000 times, and more than 200 Instagram users have commented on it.