Corrie Yee Gets Soaking Wet In Crocheted Bikini During Tulum Getaway

Corrie Yee poses for a selfie.
Corrie Yee / Instagram

Corrie Yee heated up Instagram with her latest update, which featured her rocking a crocheted bikini while she spent some time in Tulum. The photo captured her striking a sexy pose in a pool of water.

The picture saw the popular model facing forward as she stood alone in turquoise water up to the middle of her thighs. A few palm leaves were blurred in the foreground, giving the picture a tropical vibe. Corrie looked as though she had just raised up out of the water, as her body was soaking wet.

Corrie’s skimpy two-piece swimsuit was a light beige color with dark trim. Her top had narrow cups that were spaced wide apart. They barely covered her nipples, leaving most of her voluptuous chest exposed. The bottoms were just as revealing, with thread-like strings tying around her hips.

The brunette model held one hand on her wet head as she looked downward with her lips slightly parted. She placed her other hand just above her breast, drawing the eye to her chest. She stood with one leg slightly forward and one hip cocked to the side, flaunting her hourglass figure. With a slight arch in her back, she showcased her trim midsection. A small tattoo on her lower hip called attention to her flat abs and toned thighs. Water droplets covered her bronze skin, adding a sensual vibe to the photo.

Corrie’s wet hair was slicked back on her head and fell down her back. She might have been wet, but her makeup still looked flawless. She appeared to frame her eyes with smoky eyeshadow and thick eyelashes. She also wore blush on her cheeks and a rose shade on her full lips. She sported a bold white polish on her nails.

Judging from the amount of heart-eye emoji in the comments section, her followers approved of the sultry snap.

Some of her admirers took a moment to dole out the compliments.

“Looking at how beautiful you are gives me chills!!” gushed one Instagram user.

“very gorgeous great body and gorgeous in bikini,” a second fan echoed.

“Wow that is sexy pic have a great day,” commented a third admirer.

“You are especially beautiful. It looks stunning!” a fourth follower chimed in.

Corrie uploaded another sexy snap from her time in Tulum not too long ago. In that post, she shared a video that featured her flaunting her fit physique in a unique metallic tape bikini that left little to the imagination.