Anllela Sagra Posts Steamy Photo Shoot In White Bikini

Selfie of model Anllela Sagra
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Fitness model Anllela Sagra was absolutely stunning in a recent Instagram post. The quick behind-the-scenes video from an unidentified photo shoot gave fans a glimpse of Anllela’s sizzling physique.

Anllela’s barely-there white string bikini accentuated her golden skin and athletic figure. The tiny top covered only what was absolutely necessary, letting her assets spill out underneath the lacy scalloped edges. Light glistened off the curves of her ample cleavage.

She stood with her right hip cocked, drawing attention to the thin strap of her suit resting against her smooth, firm skin.

The gorgeous model donned a pair of partially unbuttoned jeans that were slung far below her waist, exposing her tanned belly and hourglass shape.

Her right hand was slipped casually in the back pocket, and her left hand rested seductively over the folded waistband.

Anllela’s long, wavy hair tumbled over her chiseled shoulders almost to her waist. It was minimally styled and looked partially damp. Honey-colored highlights popped against the chestnut shade of her mane.

She didn’t appear to be wearing much makeup, which let her natural beauty radiate. Her skin was flawless, and her incredible bone structure was on display.

During the few seconds of the video, she moved constantly, hitting pose after pose. She gazed confidently at the photographer – whose tattooed right elbow is also quite visible in the frame – dropped her chin, then gave him an alluring half-smile.

A swath of green leaves and a group of enormous trees created a lush tropical background.

A few props that might have been incorporated into the session were also visible behind Anllela. There was a retro wicker swing and what appears to be a wooden “bed” with a straw mattress.

The internet sensation’s location was not geo-tagged, but her caption indicated that she was shooting in the U.S. as opposed to Colombia, where she is from.

Anllela’s 11.7 million lucky fans didn’t have to wait very long after her last post to get glimpses of her gorgeous figure. In that enticing post, she flaunted her figure in another tiny bikini.

Followers reacted quickly to Friday’s post. Within a few hours, the post garnered almost 200,000 views and a multitude of admiring comments.

Most comments were a bevy of heart, flame, and rainbow emoji. Some followers showed support with a Colombian flag.

“Hottest chick in the world [heart emoji],” proclaimed one person.

Another person seemed to be a little jealous of the photographer, “Lucky camera man! [multiple flame, heart, and kiss emoji]”