AMC Considering ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Around Saul Goodman

AMC are considering a spinoff show for their monumentally successful drama Breaking Bad, which will revolve around Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman.

Goodman acts as the lawyer to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, a chemistry teacher who after being diagnosed with cancer decides to become a methamphetamine dealer in order to support his family after his presumed death.

Breaking Bad is about to commence its final season in the summer. By its end it will have run for five seasons and it has been roundly acclaimed by television critics and audiences alike.

Last November, Vincent Gilligan the show’s creator and writer revealed that he was behind the project.

Gilligan told, “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spinoff show when it’s all said and done. I think that would present itself pretty nicely, story-wise.”

He then added,”While Breaking Bad is by design a show that is finite and limited in its scope — it’s a story of transformation that cannot go on forever — I think a Saul Goodman show could have great legs.”

Gilligan concluded, “I love the idea of a lawyer who will do anything to avoid going to court. He’s always going to settle on the courthouse steps.”


However, Gilligan also added that Saul Goodman might not even survive the end of Breaking Bad.

“No viewer should breathes a sigh of relief that Saul won’t expire by the of Breaking Bad,” says Gilligan. “Everything is on the table … Who knows where Breaking Bad will take us?”

Odenkirk himself remarked when asked about the possibility of his own show, “Saul has got to survive this show first. And if he doesn’t, then maybe it can be done as a prequel.”

In the past discussions have been had that a Breaking Bad movie could also be created. However we will only know if this is possible at the end of the series later in the summer.