‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62 Spoilers: Vegeta Could Summon Grand Supreme Kai Using His New Power

Dragon Ball Super features Vegeta.
Phát Hữu / Flickr/ Public Domain

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga featured Vegeta’s newly acquired technique from Planet Yardrat: Spirit Fission. Using the Spirit Fission technique, Vegeta managed to free all the souls trapped inside Moro’s body. However, just when Vegeta was about to execute him, Moro found another way to bring back his powerful body by consuming his subordinate, Seven-Three.

With Moro returning to his best form, even after losing all the souls he stole from the entire Universe 7, Vegeta’s new technique may no longer have any use in their battle to save Earth. However, though it would no longer have any effect against Moro, Vegeta’s Spirit Fission technique could still be the key to their victory against the evil wizard.

According to Joshua Graves of Comic Book Resources, Vegeta could use the Spirit Fission technique to summon Grand Supreme Kai, the god that battled and defeated Moro 10 million years ago.

“The Grand Supreme Kai was absorbed by Majin Buu a very long time ago, but with the emergence of the Spirit Fission technique, he could very well be extracted from Majin Buu. If Vegeta were to separate Buu and the Grand Supreme Kai using his new powers, he would be able to eliminate the need for Buu to simultaneously switch between the two and give the Grand Supreme Kai the opportunity to fight Moro without Buu’s constant need for rest.”

As of now, Dragon Ball Super manga has yet to confirm whether Grand Supreme Kai would really show up in the ongoing battle between the Earth’s warriors and Moro, but it could be the main reason why Vegeta learned the Spirit Fission technique. During their brief conversation in the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta told Piccolo that he could also extract the Namekians he combined with “ages ago.”

This means that no matter how long ago the absorption or the fusion happened, the Spirit Fission technique could undo it. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 could feature the Earth’s warriors finding Majin Buu to separate him and Grand Supreme Kai. The return of Grand Supreme Kai would undeniably be very much appreciated in the ongoing battle against Moro, especially now that it’s crystal clear that the results of Vegeta and Son Goku’s training weren’t enough to defend the Earth.

However, if the Grand Supreme Kai won’t appear, other miraculous things could still happen that would prevent the Earth from being destroyed by Moro. These include Merus’ disobeying Angel’s law to fight Moro himself, Son Goku finally learning Mastered Ultra Instinct, or Son Goku and Vegeta doing the fusion dance to turn into Gogeta.