Jim Carrey’s Latest Political Cartoon References Tulsa Rally, Portrays Donald Trump Addressing A Graveyard

Jim Carrey attends the LA special screening of Paramount's "Sonic The Hedgehog" at Regency Village Theatre.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Jim Carrey’s latest political cartoon portrays Donald Trump addressing a graveyard, a reference to last week’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally and the possibility that bringing thousands of people indoors and in close proximity with each other could expose them to the coronavirus.

As HuffPost reported, Carrey, 58, released his latest creation on Twitter Thursday night. In it, the actor and comedian melded together two recent Trump-related events — the aforementioned Tulsa rally and Trump’s statement that he believed coronavirus testing should be slowed down.

Last Saturday, Trump resumed his 2020 campaign by holding a rally in Tulsa’s BOK Center. The Tulsa Fire Department estimated that about 6,200 people attended the event. Prior to the rally, health officials had warned it could expose the attendees to the coronavirus, particularly since it was held indoors and since the majority of the attendees didn’t appear to be wearing masks.

Further, the cartoon references statements Trump made at the rally, saying that he wants to “slow down” coronavirus testing, which would in turn slow down the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, presumably because the rising numbers make him look bad.

“Testing is a double edged sword. Here’s the bad part. When you do testing…. you will find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.'”

As Politico reported, in the week since he made that remark, Trump and his team have issued conflicting statements about whether or not he was kidding. At one point, he doubled down on what he said.

“If we didn’t do testing, we would have no cases,” he told a town hall in Wisconsin this week.

The question of whether or not he was kidding appears to have been answered, however. As Rolling Stone reported, Trump did, in fact, make an effort to cut back on coronavirus testing, pulling federal support for testing in some locations.

Carrey has made Trump the target of political cartoons multiple times since taking up an interest in art, depicting the president as tangled up in the ropes of a harpooned whale — a metaphorical reference to the plot and thematic elements of Moby-Dick — and as a king whose reign is coming to an end, among other works.

As The Inquisitr reported in January, Carrey had, at the time, decided to no longer make anti-Trump art, focusing instead on painting fruit. He said at the time that he believed his point had been made with regard to Trump and that there was not much else that could be said. However, he has since gone back to creating anti-Trump art.