Happy National Siblings Day, Everybody!

April 10 is National Siblings Day, so if the clocks have not yet ticked over to April 11 in your part of the world, why not give your sibling a call? Or, you know, just call them anyway. Don’t be a jerk.

This year marks the 14th annual occurrence of National Siblings Day.

While the event is not yet as massive as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (though give the greetings card industry time, amirite?), we’re hoping plenty of brothers and sisters out there do something nice for one another. We’re sure Ben and Casey will, anyway.

The Christian Post writes:

“Each year on April 10, families pause to appreciate the influence that siblings have in today’s households.

“Furthermore, Sibling Day honors the life-long friendship found between brothers and sisters.”

With #nationalsiblingday trending on Twitter, we’re hoping the message has spread far and wide.

As for the “only” children amongst you, well, um… there’s still no news on a National Only Child Day. Sorry about that.

Do you have a sibling? If so, will you be sending your rival brother or sister a National Siblings Day message? For some inspiration, here’s what people are saying in the Twittersphere:

#nationalsiblingday Is it awkward when you’re an identical twin yet twice as good looking as him? instagram.com/p/X8lupLIThW/

— BK (@Brady_King) April 11, 2013