‘The Challenge’ And ‘Big Brother’ Star Chris ‘Swaggy C’ Williams Announces Retirement From Reality TV

Chris 'Swaggy C' Williams competes on The Challenge

It’s official: Chris “Swaggy C” Williams has retired from reality television. The Challenge: Total Madness and Big Brother star had been hinting about walking away from the lifestyle in the past few weeks and made the announcement Thursday night on Twitter. The announcement shuts down rumors that Swaggy would appear on the upcoming All-Stars season of Big Brother, which is set to begin filming in the next month or two.

“I don’t have time for this reality TV lifestyle anymore,” Swaggy wrote. “It does NOT mean that I’m better than anybody… I just know EXACTLY what I want in my life before I turn 30 and my energy can’t be wasted on negativity and drama.”

The 25-year-old only has two seasons of reality television under his belt, one with CBS and one with MTV, but both experiences and the drama that accompanied them were enough for the businessman to know it wasn’t the path he wanted to continue on.

“Don’t get me wrong, being on reality TV is a FUN thing…… but a thing I’ve feel that I’ve outgrown,” Swaggy continued.

Swaggy, who was recently booted from Total Madness, plans to spend his immediate future making more money and moving to Beverly Hills, a comment he has made once before on Twitter.

Swaggy went on to thank the producers at CBS and MTV, who he called “amazing.” The day trader noted that reality television gave him the jump on where he is today and thanked the networks for putting him in the position he’s in.

“But the fans and the people on these shows be doing too much. WAY too much. And it gets to the point where it’s like… I don’t need this? All this negativity and drama? All for what?”

Immediately, fans began to question Swaggy on what this meant for his wife, Bayleigh Dayton. The couple met on Season 20 of Big Brother and joined The Challenge together as rookies on Total Madness. Bayleigh is still fighting to make it to the final, and also has been rumored to appear on the All-Star Big Brother season. Some have suggested she will stick with MTV and forego All-Stars, but Swaggy’s post put everything into question.

Fans of Bayleigh need not worry, as Swaggy quickly put those fears to ease. He claimed his sentiments were not the same as Bayleigh’s and noted she is a better competitor than him anyway. His “personal feelings” pushed him to retire and were not the same as Bayleigh’s. He did not confirm if she would appear on either series moving forward, however.